Our little exercise guru, at 730am this morning.

Haha I brought her to the playground while Daddy went jogging.

Going up and down the slide like an expert.

Pretending to sell ice cream.

Very shy because there were a few jiejies and gorgor at the playground.

After breakfast we got changed to go out but this girl had to poop. πŸ˜‚

Zoomed out of the house after we washed her up but instead of the back seat, she climbed up to the driver's seat and said, "Let me drive!"


We let her play for a few minutes, and kept counting to 10 so she'd know when to stop playing.

I told her the car needs to move, otherwise we would not be able to reach auntie @Simiwako 's place.

That worked.

Because she wanted to swim. πŸ˜‚

The water was cold but I think she had fun all the same.

Lunch at ccp and then we went for a walk.

Ruth is so cute!

I saw her switch from sleepy mode to happy mode in 3 seconds, immediately giving the hubs a high five when she woke up from her power nap.. and then she covered her face when the waitress approached to take our orders.

The two girls walked around holding hands. 😍😍

It was nice catching up, seeing Ruth again and meeting R2 for the first time! ✌✌

We went home, made her take her nap (while I snoozed for 30 minutes) and headed out again while she was sleeping..

To test drive!

Test-drove a total of 6 cars today, 2 each from 3 different brands.

The experience was quite different, depending on the brand and the salesperson.

We were walk-ins for one of the brands and asked for a test drive.
He asked the hubs if we were going to decide or would take some time to consider.

The hubs told him nicely that oh we would take time to decide.

I was like, what do you mean? So cannot test drive if we don't want to buy today?

But he didn't ask me so I kept quiet. πŸ˜‚

All I can say is that he really is not εœ†ζ»‘enough to be a salesperson?
And it's not like we are buying a toy car? Can give us a day or two to think?

Our last stop was at the M brand where some models were the price of a HDB flat.

Because the hubs' friend is considering to buy, not us.

Hilariously the hubs was too tall and couldn't fit into most of the driver's seats of the cars. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hahaha we couldn't stop laughing at ourselves. Cannot fit into luxury car.

Came home to the little boss and for the first time ever I managed to finish reading the entire "Princess and the pea" to her flipping the pages elsewhere or walking away mid story!

πŸ‘§: Are you a princess?
πŸ‘Ά: No! I'm Clarissa.


Which reminded me of this morning, after our playground excursion. We got breakfast and headed to the mini-mart as usual.

She wanted to buy the surprise egg, as usual.

She held on to an egg which had a picture of a car and made me take another one which had a picture of a princess.

She wanted me to buy both, with her one for Clarissa one for Mummy trick. I told her I didn't need the egg and she could only choose one.

She chose the car!

Hahahaha either way I guess I'm stereotyping, but I'm quite happy that she chose the car instead.