To market to market..

👧: What do you want to buy from the market?

👶: I want to buy a fat pig!


👧: Clarissa, do you like coming to the market?

👶: Yes!

👧: Oh, why?

👶: Because I can drive the car!

My FIL bought this scary touch sensor cat that moves when your hand goes close enough to touch it. 😂

This girl was intrigued by it at first but when my FIL brought it really close to her, she cried.

I don't blame her, because even I'm scared. 😂😂

I gave her a cloth to cover herself because it was a little cold, but she did this instead.

Asked me to look and said to me, "How? Pretty or not?"


Can't wait for lesson to start, as usual.

Her Daddy tried to tease her, as usual. After we left my in-laws' place, he said to her, "ok we are going home!"

👶: No, we are going swimming!

👦: We are going home!

👶: No, it's not go home time yet!



Not sure if she ate something sweet this morning.

Wah super sweet today. 😅😁

Instance 1:

I didn't hear what went on between her and our helper but I vaguely hard her saying to the helper, "Yaya go away!"

She came into our room after that and I asked her what happened.

She said something about not wanting to do something so I told her she should have said it nicely.

So she ran out to the kitchen.

👶: Yaya! What are you doing?

💁: You asked me to go away so I go away lah!

👶: Ehhh~ (Think 吴宗宪 kind of hey hey~ 😅) I want Yaya!

Hahahaha and then I think she invited herself into the kitchen to give our helper a hug.

And later on when our helper was wiping the table while she was having her rice cereals, she suddenly smiled at her and gave her a high five.

Instance 2:

After breakfast, she came over to me and got me to carry her like a baby.

👶: I want Mummy!

👧: Haha! Mummy wants you too!

👶: I want Mummy and Daddy!


Instance 3:

We reached the swimming venue and again Daddy tried to tease her.

Told her we were home!

She told him no, we are at the pool.

👦: Do you love swimming?

👶: Yes!

👦: Do you love swimming more? Or do you love Daddy more?

(At this point I broke out in a bit of a cold sweat.. 😂
"Are you sure you want to know?" I asked the hubs, but the bubs had already started answering his question.)

👶: I love Daddy!

Wah, phew. 😅😁😘

👦: Do you love Mummy more? Or do you love swimming more?

(I broke into cold sweat again. 😂)

👶: I love Mummy!

👦: OK here comes the difficult question. Do you love Daddy or Mummy?

👶: (Pauses) I love.. (Hesitates again) Daddy..

👦: And..

👶: Mummy!

Ok, phew for all of us.

Spoke too soon. 😂

This girl threw a tantrum on a mini hulk scale of 8/10.
(As a comparison last week was 9/10.)

Because after the swimming lesson the hubs took over her showerhead and washed her up too quickly.
(We usually let her hold the showerhead so it looks like she's showering herself.)

Her classmate was waiting for the bathroom and it was a pretty cold afternoon.

Have to be considerate mah.

She threw a massive tantrum whereby she didn't want the towel, didn't want diapers and didn't want to put on any clothes.

Her hair was wet, body was wet and it was pretty cold so there was no time for reasoning with her.

I wiped her dry quickly, held her by the armpits and got the hubs to quickly put on her diapers and then her romper.

Wah luckily I prepared a romper today. 😂

She wailed throughout and kept trying to pull off the diaper and her clothes.

I quickly brought her outside and calmed her down with the phone. 😧

That's why it's 8/10, because still consolable with the phone. 😅

Anyway long story short, she knew she was wrong.

I asked her what she should do when we got home.

She said, "Must say sorry to Daddy."

But she chickened out when I brought her to Daddy.

Only offered him 2 Yan Yan sticks with chocolate as apology. 😂

And then she refused to get wiped and changed.

So I left her in the living room and went about doing my own stuff.

She came into our room less than a minute later and hugged my legs, and told me she wanted to get changed.

As I was changing her, she said to me, "Clarissa don't want to change. Mummy angry."

Hahaha I didn't even ask her!

So I said to her, "Yes, Mummy is angry. So is Daddy. And so is Yaya."

She told me, "Baby also angry!"


👧: Oh dear there are only 4 people in the house and everyone is angry!

👶: Peppa not angry. Peppa laugh.

I have no words.

The hubs made prawn noodles for dinner!

That's the reason why we went to the market this morning.

Very legit!

We had noodles while trying to make her wake up from her nap.

There was a surprise egg from Auntie O waiting for her.

But hahaha she looks so sleepy here!

So I was the chosen one to feed her dinner tonight.

👶: Mummy eat the rice!

👧: Mummy had dinner already! I ate noodles. Daddy cooked the noodles.

(Feeds her a spoonful of rice and soup)

Who cooked Clarissa's dinner?

👶: Yaya!

👧: Yes, Yaya cooked your dinner.

👶: Daddy cook the noodles! Yaya cook the rice! And then, Mummy cook what?


(👦 at the sidelines: Mummy can't cook!)

👧: Mummy feed you!


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