Daddy went to bed early tonight because he wasn't feeling well.

This little girl ran to our room and said:

Good night Daddy!
Sleep well!

As usual, Daddy went awww.

Actually, me too. 😂😁


OK I can forgive you for waking me up at 530am this morning.

Haha she basically zoomed into our room and said to me, "Mummy, let's go! Follow me!"

Made me go to her room with her to get changed, but didn't want to go back to sleep for a little while more.

Last night I had to hold her hand through her cot and lie down on the mattress beside her. I dozed off and luckily she fell asleep too.

The hubs came over to wake me up so I could sleep on our bed instead.

Oh yes we have a babysitter tonight! ✌😁

And a doctor wannabe.

Her hair became so curly after I removed the rubber band from her Chun Li hair.

Like a little ahjuma. 😂😁😘