What a cold and rainy morning today!

The hubs spotted Clarissa's favorite classmate K as we were turning into the carpark.

"Oh that's K!" He remarked casually.

The little one got excited and kept asking me as we got out of the car, "Mummy, do you see the K?"

I told her we'll probably see her at the lift but she'd gone up by the time we got there.

"Mummy, do you see the K?" She was relentless, checking with me every 10 seconds.

When we got to school, her Teacher who did the health check, told her, "K is back in school today!"

Which got her really excited.

Turns out that K has been down with fever the past two days and only returned to school today.

The Teacher told Clarissa that K was crying because of that and asked Clarissa to console her friend.

So Clarissa started walking towards her classroom and saw K, who was being carried by their English teacher.

One of her classmates, who was standing beside the teacher, ran towards Clarissa excitedly, taking her hand.

Another classmate followed suit.

K stopped looking upset, got herself out of their teacher's arms and onto the floor, and walked towards Clarissa too, holding her other hand.

So we saw four kids hand in hand, walking into the classroom together.

So heartwarming on a cold and rainy day. 😍😁

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