No school for the little boss today, because the rashes which developed on her body and legs since yesterday have not subsided (although it seems to be getting better) and she has a slight temperature hovering between 37.5 to 38Β°C.

She kept telling me, "I want to go to school, I want to see K."

Aiyo. I told her she must be feeling sad about not being able to go to school today but it's really better to stay at home and rest and drink lots of water.

Thankfully she remains very cheerful. 😁

While I feel like this.

It's going to be a crazy week with 3 consecutive nights of evening conferences.

I went to bed at 11pm last night and got some 7 hours of sleep but I still feel like I haven't had enough rest. 😩😧

I received a call from home at 1230pm, and it was the little boss on the line.

Hello Mummy, I'm not eating my lunch. I'm naughty!

It sounded funny but when I thought about it, I think it meant 2 things.

1) We have been labeling her behavior (ie not eating properly) as "naughty". As such it gives her a perceived legitimacy to not eat, as long as she admits she is naughty

2) It is in fact a cry for attention, as in her #clarissalogic, she only gets to talk to us in the afternoon when she does something wrong. This is what happens in the past, when the helper calls us during office hours in the midst of her tantrums.

Anyway I managed to leave office early today so I can spend some time with her before the evening call.

She eventually did not have her lunch, but she drank enough water, her rashes are clearing up and she does not have a temperature.

I asked her what happened and why she didn't finish her lunch.

She said to me:

Because I want to call Mummy to say I'm naughty!


I tried to tell her she could call me even when she's nice and finishes her food, and that she's actually a sweet and nice girl who understands what we say.

But she insisted she is naughty. πŸ˜’

Sigh better finish reading the ζ­¦ζž—η§˜η± about communicating with toddlers soon.

If what she's saying is true, I feel quite sad that she's doing this just so she can talk to me during office hours. 😒

My dad and sis came over so we had dinner together with the little boss.

She finished her food!

I had to feed her, but at least she didn't put up a fight. She drank quite a bit of soup on her own.

So I called the hubs and asked her to tell Daddy she's finished her food. 😁

Aww she was so happy talking to her Daddy! And kept doing Mmm-muack over the phone. 😁😁

I told her she can call us anytime, don't need to be naughty to call us.

Thankful for #babysitters. 😁

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