I decided to skip the video conference and take the call from home tonight instead.

Got home at 645pm and had dinner with this cute little imp who was starting to give her Yaya a hard time feeding her.

So I sat with her and had my dinner while feeding her.

It took me a lot of song and dance to get her to eat (and I feel like I'm going to have indigestion) but she finished most of her dinner and that's all it matters.

Sat with her for about 15 minutes before preparing for the call.

Out of the blue she said to me, "I love you!", blew me a kiss and chuckled.


And this arrived today!

Super quick; I finished the layout and ordered on Saturday!

Hahaha good job me, I did this within 4 months of her second birthday.. as compared to 11 months for her first photobook. 😅😁

The boss loves it and keeps coming over to flip through the book.

Our helper told me during bedtime that Clarissa plucked out one of the used mosquito patches we stuck on the bottom of her cot, and pasted it up the side.

She then pointed at each "dot" on the patch and started saying to herself, "This is K."
And then at the next dot, "This is M."
And the next dot, "This is A."

And so on.
Basically making up some story about her friends in school.

Awww she misses them so much she's imagining them to be the dots on a mosquito patch. 😂😢

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