Hahahaha someone got an aeroplane from her surprise egg and pestered Daddy to turn her into an aeroplane.

I managed to snap only two pictures and both turned out blur because the, erh, aeroplane and engine were moving too fast. 😂

While we were busy packing and getting changed, we found a little burrito on our bed.

Pretending to be sleeping.


Yep, someone found a new holder for the car keys. 😒😒

There goes my water.

She swiftly removed the car keys, walked outside to the shoe rack and placed the key beside her as she put on her sandals.

Later I drive ok?

She said to her Daddy nonchalantly like she's twenty, not two. 😂😂


30 minutes of power reading while waiting for the hubs and the bubs to finish the swimming lesson. 💪

Jumped onto the yellow book bandwagon. #dayremoms

It's a very good read!
Imma take notes and debrief with the hubs.

Why do I feel like it's her first day of school, all over again? 😢

We cannot find a big enough bag for her sleeping set. So national day goodie bag it is.

We deliberately took her out yesterday to choose her pillow etc but she was more interested in the toys in the shop.

Anyway I snuck out again just now to get the mattress cover, since they weren't available in the outlet we went to yesterday.

While shopping, I felt a little sad having to let her go to full day school.

Also got her a new comb and 抱抱 for school.

I seldom buy soft toys for her but aye pms so a bit emo. 😂

Got her the piglet to accompany her during nap times in school.

This one's so huggable I also want one for myself. 😂😂

Giving her new friend a welcome hug. 😁😙