Wah so action packed this morning.

Running to the door after saying bye bye to her Yaya.

(Yes I still ask her to do that in spite of everything. Because, manners.)

I briefly told her what'd happen in school later, after she finishes her lunch.

She'll bathe, and then make her mattress, drink milk and then sleep. When she wakes up, she will have a quick tea break and then Mummy will pick her up.

"Ah gong also!" She said.

"Oh today? I'm not sure if Ah-gong is coming. Maybe tomorrow. Today it'd be Mummy, ok?

"I shower. And then I drink milk. And cover. And then I wake up. Mummy pick up!" She repeated the sequence back to me.

"Cover" = Sleep, because cover with blanket mah.

"I bring my pillow, bolster, beeshee and blanket! And duck duck!" She continued.

Not sure if she was trying to reassure me or herself, but awww.

(And on our way out of the carpark I realised we forgot the duck. 😂 But we left for school anyway.)

Baby you are a star! 😁😙😍

Hugging her milk bottle and disturbing the birds.

Her school bag is too small to fit all the new stuff she needs to bring to school.

We used to only pack a set of clothes, cardigan, comm book and water bottle. Now she needs to bring a towel, socks and milk bottle + powder.

Plus, need to find a bigger bag for her sleeping gear. 😂

Wah good time to put my mantra to practice, i.e. when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. 💪💪😂

Mummy and Ah-gong pick-up service!

Her teacher said she slept very well and didn't stir at all until the wake-up call.

Nap time is from 1230 to 3pm and she slept through it, beside her best friend K. 😁

Oh and she came home with this hairdo.

She said her Chinese teacher did it for her.

I was like, wow you must have sat very still for very long for teacher to finish tying your hair like this. 😅

We usually struggle to tie two pigtails because she's always moving or running away.

Her favorite Auntie O came and she had loads of fun.

Really activated #babysitter because I was in fact working in the study room while they played.

It's lovely to see how comfortable she is with Auntie O. I didn't even have to be in the same room.

She's only like this with very few people.

She really huffed and puffed to blow the bubbles out. 😂

Wanted to let her go to bed at 9pm but she did a major poop instead.

Our helper was in the toilet for a very long time but I really did not want to confront her so I asked Clarissa if we could wash up in our bathroom instead.

"No, I want to wash in the toilet, with Yaya," She said.

So we made our way to the toilet and asked my helper to come out.

As we stood outside the toilet waiting, I heard a lot of washing while the little one talked to her Yaya enthusiastically.

"Yaya, are you there?"

"Yaya, my poop so big!"

"Yaya, are you done?"

It broke my heart a little.

When she finally opened the door, she did nothing to apologise for hogging the toilet.

We washed the little one up, changed her and gave her milk.

I thought she was exhausted but she took a while to sleep.

👧: Clarissa, why are you not sleeping?
👶: I'm not closing my eyes but I'm lying down only!


Anyway later on I couldn't hold it so I went to ask the helper what she was doing in the toilet.

She was in there for an hour, maybe more.

She actually continued looking at her phone and didn't answer me!

Every time I asked, the same question, she'd look at me briefly and continue looking at her phone and then writing lyrics.

I had to tell her not to be rude.

Then she told me she was washing clothes.

But erm. There were no clothes in the toilet.

And when she opened the door, she was in fact looking like she was washing the toilet floor.

I pointed out the irregularities to her and asked her, "Or actually were you doing drugs? Sniffing glue? I always hear you sniffing inside the toilet."

I was being deliberately provocative.

Obviously she said of course not! And finally owned up to watching YouTube in the toilet.

Like a true blue addict.

I asked her why she had to do that, she said it's because Sir doesn't like it.

I told her, but we've not interfered in your free time and we will not. All we asked for was moderation and that we finish the contract nicely.

Last night she was at it until past 12am so I told her to please sleep. She defiantly continued to watch for a good half an hour before going to sleep.

What really irked me was how she did not immediately open the door for a little girl, who was genuinely excited about her "so big" poop and only wanted Yaya to wash her up, and instead kept her waiting outside while she wasted time to pretend to do other things to cover up.

I told her that's lying and that's lying to a little girl who is so genuine to her.

She said sorry (who knows if she really is, I don't know anymore) and I told her to please, finish the contract properly.

I would have kept quiet on other occasions, but I just feel sad looking at Clarissa's enthusiasm and attachment to her Yaya, not knowing that it is not reciprocated in the same way.

Anyway! End of record.

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