JC girl

This morning, instead of calling out and declaring that she's awake, I walked into her room and saw her lying in bed, idly singing "Rain rain go away". 😁😙

And it's March already?!

The little boss is officially 2 years + 4 months + 1 day young! ✌


So we were driving to City hall in the rain and I was feeling like I could do with more sleep.

👦: Oh my friend said you look very young leh!

👧: Huh, which friend?

👦: My army friend! The one we saw last Saturday?

(Yep, we bumped into this friend whom I've never met before, last Saturday, when we were out with Clarissa.)

👧: Ah ok.. Wah really or not?

👦: Yah! He said you look like you are in JC!

👧: Hahahahaha JC somemore leh!

👦: (With a mixture of ridiculous + incredulous expression) Yah lor!! JC!!

👧: Hahahahaha!

👦: I just made your day right?

👧: (Raises voice half a tone higher than usual) Yes! I'm so energized and ready to start the day! YAY!

👦: Hahahahaha!

At this point we reached city hall and I alighted the car still laughing.