On Monday night, I bought a new school bag and a wet bag for Clarissa from A**** Babies.

I usually buy from pupsik but they didn't have the design I wanted.

I also bought two bottles (?!) of baby powder so I could get free shipping.

Two days later, someone from A**** Babies dropped me an email saying that the wet bag design which I chose is not available. She asked if I'd like to choose another design.

She did say "Apologies" and all but her overall tonality was far from apologetic.

She didn't even bother to greet me properly (erh I think people usually start with "Hi") and simply said, "Want to choose another one?"

So I replied saying it was available on site and it still is when I checked again. But anyway I chose a different design and asked her politely if it is available.

She replied "Should be" and added on, "by the way the bag design you ordered is also not available."

I couldn't help but ask her why they put up things that are out of stock for customers to choose and pay for online.
If it's one item, it's fine. But now it's like two thirds of what I'd ordered.

So I asked to cancel my entire order.

She then tried to explain that they sell in other channels that's why the stock count is not updated.

She said she'd still send the powder over so I said fine but I'm not paying for the shipping.

She subsequently proposed to give me 20% discount for the bags, which I didn't respond to because I was too busy.

And then she dropped me another note saying that the bag i ordered has stock coming in next week.

So I shall wait.

But wow the service. 😂