Baby and Daddy pick-up service today!



The hubs is on leave today and he came to pick me up after he picked the bubs up from school.

So happy to see them!

But this means they have been on the road for 1.5 hours as a result. 😔

She seems totally unaffected though, happily singing away and telling the hubs, "I love you Daddy!"

We had an early dinner together, and then it was playtime with Ah-ah.

And then she played on her own for a while, and even read her books on her own.

At 830pm she suddenly went up to her Yaya and asked her to make milk.
We triple checked with her.
Are you sure? You want milk now? You want to sleep already?

She said yes to all our questions.

So we got her wiped down and changed, thinking she must have slept poorly in school today.

In fact her Teacher told the hubs she woke up in the middle of her nap today crying for Mummy. 😢

So we got her wiped and changed, said our good nights and gave her milk.

I thought she'd fall asleep quickly but she kept demanding for stories and refused to sleep.

She eventually fell asleep at 930pm.

Same time as last night, after we wiped her down at 915pm. 😅