Crazy long drive to M’sia

Despite mostly being a banana πŸ˜‚, the little boss has been using more Chinese words.

More recently, she'd smell duck duck's bum bum and say "θ‡­ζ­»δΊ†!"
I'm not sure who taught her that but I didn't like the phrase, so I told her it's should be "θ‡­θ‡­" instead.

She also likes to say "ηœ‹" instead of "look", and she'd mix it into her sentence, like "I want to ηœ‹ phone!"

I'd try to correct her by telling her she shouldn't mix Chinese words with English, so she should say "look at the phone" instead.

Sometimes she'd remember but sometimes she'd forget.

This morning she was trying to get her Daddy's attention about something but he was looking at his phone.

So she climbed up onto the sofa, sat beside him and said:

Hey Daddy, stop kan-ing the phone!


I guess she got it right, but it's kinda wrong. πŸ˜…

Little miss jacket lover insisted on putting on her cardigan on her own.

She went round and round trying to get her arms into the sleeves, and eventually got them in with the buttons facing front.

Except that all the twirling and turning around resulted in her wearing the cardigan inside out. πŸ˜‚

Once again, she got it right, but it's kinda wrong.

Very good effort though. 😁

This girl might be cheeky, but she's a trooper.

She braved the super long drive from home to my in-laws' to the big woodlands/first link jam with us.. for 4 hours.

Way past her lunch time, nap time.. and then she dozed off halfway through her Wang Wang biscuits. 😒

She only whined once, and I guessed it was because she was hungry.

It was already 2pm! That was when I gave her a packet of Wang Wang and she started eating them.. and dozed off.

We finally reached the restaurant, somewhere in Johor, at 3pm.

1.5 hours late. πŸ˜…

Celebrated the hubs' uncle's birthday and this girl started singing the birthday song after we were done.

She asked me to take a picture of her and even walked a few steps forward, turned around and smiled for the camera.

Awww. Looks so sweet here. 😁

And then we set off for home again.

By then I'd developed a headache and could no longer feel my back.

I was sitting in between Clarissa and my SIL, you know, the slightly raised seat in the middle.

The car seat on the left was slightly spilling over, which meant that I only had 2/3s of that raised seat.

So 2/3s of my butt was up on the raised seat while the other 1/3 was down and spilling over to the seat on the right.

Plus, sitting in the middle meant I felt all the bumps harder.

My SIL wasn't comfortable either, because she considerately leaned forward throughout the ride even though she is very petite and I'd asked her to lean back because there was definitely space for her.

So yep, 6 hours of bumpy ride with my butt out of sync really made me feel like crap.

I had to cancel my dinner appointment with my favorite girls because of my creeping headache and I really didn't feel well enough to enjoy myself.

Sigh sometimes we try too hard to please.

The hubs tried to tell his dad that it'd be very cramped at the back with the car seat, me and my SIL.

But his dad got upset so we decided to just go along with it.

I was expecting it to be bad, but not this bad. The rain really made it worse, and prolonged our discomfort.

On top of that, we had two short-tempered men sitting in front, one shouting angry instructions and one trying to defy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

While us ladies just watched on miserably and little Clarissa tried to help, in her little voice, by saying, "Hey Ah-gong, don't talk!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Really, no one likes to be stuck in the massive jam.

But it could have been slightly more comfortable than this. πŸ˜’

Just sayin'.

I hope our Korea trip would turn out to be ok.

For the first time, my FIL is joining us (because we wanted him to treat him to a good break).

I really don't want to go through seven days of fights between two easily irritable men, while juggling a toddler. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š