Monday blues

Good morning, little miss lion hair and tiny eyes. 😂😁

After a grueling Saturday, we had a super high Sunday where this little girl napped for all of 10 minutes while we were on our way to her swimming class.

No nap before and no nap after!

We tried to unwind and calm her down before bedtime last night, by singing songs together.

But guess what her song request was?

Five little Clarissas jumping on the bed. 😂😂😂😂😂

(Yes she has already conveniently substituted monkeys for herself.)

And so she was literally jumping and bouncing on our bed while the song was on repeat mode.. for about 4 times.

When we tried to get her to suggest another song, her choice was "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed".

Now what is the difference? 😂

Thankfully she dozed off while drinking milk and fell asleep before 9pm.

I was so exhausted I slept at 10pm.

This morning she was still sleeping after I got changed. So I went to pack my bag first.

She woke up while I was in the study room.

"Mummy! I wake up already." She said to me from her cot.

I went into the room and carried her out of her cot.

"Mummy, do you go to work?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm going to work today. Is Clarissa going to school?"

No, Clarissa is staying at home to sleep.

She rubbed her eyes and leaned onto my shoulders.


But of course the lure of seeing her Teachers and friends was stronger than her desire to sleep.

So she was up and ready in no time.


I look like I could sleep more too.

She was still chirpy, waving goodbye to the birds.

"Bye bye bird! I'm going to school!" She said to them, waving enthusiastically.

And then she stopped in the middle of her tracks to stare at the birds.

Hey bird! Where's your hand?