Don’t copy me ah!

The situation this evening.

Slurping away like a boss.

When Wai-gong and Ah-ah tried to imitate her, she said to them, "Don't copy me ah!"


I stopped the video too soon, but she was actually turning her bowl over and declaring, "Finish!" 😁

Her Daddy got her some biscuit sticks so she ate some and went around distributing them to everyone.

As she approached her Yaya with a second helping, she said to her:

You must say thank you huh!


For some strange reason she woke up crying yesterday morning.

Cried nonstop for a good 20 minutes and didn't want anyone near her.

She just hugged her milk bottle and kept crying.

I finally calmed her down by showing her some pictures.

So apparently this morning as she drank her milk, she told her Yaya, "See? I'm not crying."


This morning she woke up at 610am despite only falling asleep at 10pm the night before (I was so exhausted I spoke gibberish while trying to tell her bedtime stories).

After finishing her milk, she burst into our room with a chirpy "Good morning!".. and proceeded to climb up our bed.

👧: Clarissa, it's still early. Do you want to sleep a bit more?

👶: No, I wake up already! Later I change and eat vitamins! And then I go to school!


And at bedtime tonight she kept shaking her milk bottle.

Her Yaya asked her to drink the milk but she continued shaking it and said:

Anyway it's still hot.


Anyway leh.


She fell asleep quite quickly tonight (which explains why I have some energy to Dayre).

I haven't been able to keep up with the daily updates because, too tired lah. 😩😩