Waffle monster 😅😁

Says the little boss at 6:30am this morning.

Which means to say she's slept for 11 hours straight. 👍👍

Having ice cream very early in the morning.

👶: Mummy, do you want to eat?

👧: Yes!

👶: What flabour?

👧: I want the chocolate flavor!

👶: No Mummy you choose another one!

👧: OK, can I have the Strawberry ice cream?

👶: No, I want the pink one!

👧: But we can share right? Or we buy one each?

👶: One for Baby, one for Mummy?

👧: Yes, one each. How much is it?

👶: Erm.. nine thirty!

So expensive.


I like her #ootd today but she refused to look at the camera.

👦: Clarissa, smile!

Hahahahaha she obliged, but her eyes were on the waffle. 😅

Impromptu breakfast at Oberstrasse, because we were around the area to collect the international license.

She remembers the place!

We came here to celebrate her birthday with my friends and their two girls, and sat at the same table.

"Is Auntie S coming?" She asked me a few times.

"I want to eat waffle," She told us a few times too.

And then she discovered something even better than waffle.

Eggs and Rosti.

She kept asking her Daddy, "I want the egg."

"I want the potato!" While still eating her waffle.

Happy to see her eating so heartily!

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