The morning started with the little boss not wanting to get out of her cot so we let her.

She was idly lying down / sitting up, singing to herself.

And then she started standing up like this.. to poop. 😅

We ordered McDees for breakfast and she immediately asked for corn cup when she saw the paper bag.

It's Auntie O's birthday today!

I told her and she looked really excited until I took out the phone to try to video-record a birthday greeting.

NG too many times because she became so shy suddenly.

She got me to call Auntie O instead.

She put on the veil and said to me, "I'm pretty girl!"


And then she took it off, and said, "I'm not pretty girl!"


She finally put it on again and said, "I'm pretty girl! I want to show Ah-ah!"

Yup, playing with her saliva. 😒

She's so funny today.

She wanted her Daddy to play with her so she was anxiously trying to get him to come off the sofa.

"Eh! Hey! Come!" Somehow she was at a loss for words.

"Who is eh?" Her Daddy asked. "Where's your manners?"

She immediately stretched out her empty hand to him, smiled and said, "NA!!!"


And then she was pretending to drive, with me in the passenger seat.

"No sound!" She said.

"OK why don't you turn on the radio?" I asked her.

She pressed a pretend button, and sang, "933~ 醉心频道!"

Hahahahaha I'm properly impressed.

She dropped mama duck in "school" and said, "You go and play in school ok? I need to work. Because I need to buy money."


"Have fun in school!" She waved to the duck and walked away.

Later on she came to pick her duck up.

"Why did you cry just now? Because you want me? I'm working. Need money to buy toys." She said to the duck in a gentle tone.


Yep, these two very much in love. 😅😁

Daddy has been the appointed person today to clean her bum bum and wash her up after she pooped.

I volunteered to do it but she insisted on asking Daddy to. ✌😄