Decided to give her the new bag I bought a few weeks.

We kept it away so she could continue using the smaller one our helper got for her.

I was trying to be mindful of her feelings. I didn't want her to feel like we are throwing out the one she bought.

But the teachers have been telling us the bag was too small and that the poor girl struggles to unpack and pack her bag, because it takes a bit of strength to pull out or squeeze stuff in.

She's so happy with the new bag!

I bought it because it has zips which are carrots. 😂

She loves carrots (more than bunnies, I think).

Anyway being considerate to someone who does not appreciate it is a little overrated.

Sometimes I think about it and still feel sad that things have to come to this.

But I guess we'll just have to look forward and hope that the new helper works out.


Looking lost because she thought Daddy drove off without her.

This morning wasn't so good because she had a tummy ache but couldn't poop.

It took a long time to get her ready for school. Of all days, today was when she was heading out for an excursion to watch a play! And we had to be in school by 745am.

The hubs took her bags and wanted to head down to the car first, because she was dilly-dallying about wearing her socks and shoes and tying her hair.

She got upset and hurriedly tried to stop him.

Hey Daddy, don't go! Wait for me!
I want to carry my bag! Don't take my bag!

I didn't know whether to be amused or mad at her.

I guess I was amused.

I chose to be. 😂😁

Yesterday morning I heard her calling out for Yaya when she woke up.

Our helper was busy in the kitchen and didn't attend to her.

So she called for Mummy and I immediately showed up in her room.

"Hello Mummy," She greeted me with a smile, before turning to the door to inform her Yaya with a raised voice:

Hey Yaya, it's ok! Mummy is here! You don't need to come!

So helpful.

Except, of course, she asked for milk next and Yaya had to come. 😂😁

When I got home this evening, the little boss declared to me, "Mummy, I'm angry with Yaya!", her small face looking cross.

She went on to explain to me something about not wanting to shower and wash her hands.

Turns out that she didn't want Yaya to shower her and said she wanted Daddy and Mummy instead. 😅

👧: Clarissa, what is this?

👶: This is for showering! Later when Daddy comes home, he will shower for me!


She became my body guard while I took my shower, standing outside the door and instructing me:

Mummy, don't waste water huh!


Erm thanks for the reminder.
Did you know about the 30% hike on water?

Everyday I marvel at the things she says and the things she understands.

Recently she's started describing the emotions we are expressing.

When she does something cheeky or deliberately goes against what I ask her to do, she senses my change in tone.

"Mummy, don't be angry!" She'd say to me sometimes, before making a smiley face to make me laugh.

Sometimes she'd quickly do the right thing and say to me, "Mummy happy!", her big round eyes looking at me, concerned and innocent.

It warms my heart, yet breaks it a little, all at the same time.