What a difference a big big poop makes.

She woke up happy this morning, chanting Mummy, Mummy, Mummy non-stop until I got to her.

I asked her if I could go wash up while she drank her milk, and she replied with a very steady, "OK!"

Yep the two lovebirds. 🙈🙈

I got her changed, had breakfast, and then she followed us to our room to see us get changed.

She kept sneaking on her Daddy who just came out from the shower and was trying to put on some clothes.

"Daddy, you are naked!" She announced loudly, laughing.

For the record, he wasn't stark naked lah. He had his underpants on. 😂

And then she suddenly declared:

Daddy, you are the best!

Completely made his day right from the beginning.

So yep, so lovey-dovey.

… And who cleaned your butt and showered you at least twice in one night for the past 3 nights? 😂😂

Anyway I'm glad our cheeky chirpy monster is back to her usual self.

She was busy stamping her foot to scare the birds this morning.

Super chatty too, asking me about everyone and everything.

"Where's Da-yi? What is she doing?"

And repeated the same questions for:
Ah-ah, ducko and ducky
San-yi and San-yi-zhang
Yi-yi and Gor-gor
Wai-gong and Wai-po

She grouped them correctly!

And when we got to school, she ran excitedly into the classroom. Ran!!

What a joy to watch. 😘

Daddy was back late but she patiently let him finish his dinner before she gathered her drawing paper and colour pencils and stood at the kitchen entrance to wait for him to "go drawing in the study room".


Enough already hor, love birds. 😂😆