Barely 9pm in Korea, and I'm already in bed.

The little one has been asleep for slightly more than an hour already.

And the hubs has gone out for a massage.

Today's been kinda whacky due to the rain.

The original plan was to spend the entire day at Children's Grand Park.
We'd spend the morning at the Children's Museum, followed by park in the afternoon.

When we got there I thought to myself that it'd be better to spend the morning indoors at the museum and then walk and play in the park in the afternoon when it's less chilly.

So we managed to do the first part. Children's museum was good fun for Clarissa. She was so happy exploring and touching everything she didn't even feel hungry. 😂

But there were way too many children from various schools and it was quite chaotic.

Some kids were really aggressive and even shoved Clarissa out of their way.

She had to wait for the more popular stations and sometimes once she got on it someone else would be hounding for a place.

I told her she could take her time and leave only when she's done, because I thought it is important for her to know she has the right to play since she waited for her turn.

But the pressure was great when there is a queue of bigger kids behind her.

We decided to leave around noon because the mayhem of screaming excitable kids was too much for us to take.

But alas we only realised it was raining after we stepped out.

There was only one cafe in the building that sold only drinks and snacks but we could only wait there for the rain to stop.

Clarissa asked for biscuits and bread and yoghurt drink so we sat there watching her eat.

We finally left after an hour and it was freezing.

The hubs cheekily suggested going to the park since the rain has stopped, but I said it was unlikely that his dad would want anything to do with the park and the cold.

I was right. His dad said, so cold, walk what walk? 😂

So we decided to head back to the hotel.

While walking to the train, this happened.

The result of waking up at 6 plus this morning and running around the entire day.

She slept through the entire train ride for a good 45 minutes but woke up once the hubs put her on the bed.

My FIL wanted to buy us a good lunch so we had a late one where we really over ordered.

Chicken stew, seafood pancake, ginseng chicken, cold noodles, udon noodle soup, rice.

The little boss ate very well. She had rice with potatoes and carrots from the stew, and then asked for the udon noodles.

So happy.

The restaurant assistant was surprised she could self feed, because "she looks so skinny I thought she doesn't eat much". 😒

Which explained why she didn't understand why I insisted on putting her in the high chair. She told me Clarissa can sit on the bench.

Anyway the good thing is she ate well!

We went shopping at lotte to get diapers and food stuff.

Chanced upon these Korean style spectacles and got the hubs to make one.

She also wanted a pair. 😅😆

She actually looks super cute in these round specs but she was too excited to let me take a proper photo.

I didn't dare to be too blatant about taking photos of her, in case the shop keeper got unhappy.

Pattern more than badminton.

We got back to our room, lazed around, she pooped, and I showered her.

The original plan was to do takeaway dinner for all of us but after her shower she kept asking us, "Can I sleep?"

We tried to tell her we would have dinner first but she asked a few times for milk and sleep so we decided to take her cue.

I watched her in the room while the hubs headed out to get dinner.

Less than a minute after she finished her milk she said to me, "I want to eat dinner!"


But she was clearly tired, just FOMO lol.

Made me sing 5 little monkeys to her and she eventually fell asleep.

Let's hope she sleeps for 12 hours straight!

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