So today marks Day 1 of #Babysittingtagteam.

I'd returned to work yesterday but the hubs was still on leave.

Both of us went to work today.

So Ah-ah and Ah-gong picked Clarissa up from school, and Wai-po came over to cook dinner for us.

Despite the change in routine, the little one was in high spirits. She ate her dinner, played with Ah-ah and ran all the way to the door when I got back to give me a big bear hug. 😘

Continued to hug and cling onto me for a good five minutes, smiling happily.

Apparently she cried a little earlier because Daddy called and she wanted to speak to him on the phone. All was good otherwise.

I had dinner before giving her a shower.

My mom not only cooked, but also washed the dishes and did the laundry. 😢

So thankful for all the help!

I actually managed to spend some time with her doing nothing before her bedtime.

My sis helped oversee the part time cleaner who came this morning (and even ironed the clothes she couldn't finish 😂) and my mom had already cleaned up the kitchen and hung up the laundry.

So here she is laying out all the stuff I got from Korea for her aunties and claiming them to be hers while she reads the instruction manual. 😂

Sorry her hair is perpetually messy these days because no time to comb. 😂😂

Since her own hair was messy she decided to mess up Ah-ah's hair too.

Took a series of wefies laughing like this.

Haha so cheeky and happy.

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