Rainy day today, much like my mood.

Thought I should go to Kilineys as usual but it turns out that the whole world is here because of the rain.

I don't think they are used to such a turnout so it's rather chaotic and I'm still waiting for my lunch, which is really just nasi lemak to be warmed up. 😩

#yesterdayre my little helper said to me enthusiastically, "Mummy I help you fold Daddy's clothes!"

And then she took each piece of singlet out from the basket and tried to put it on instead.

I guess it's the thought that counts? 😂

While waiting for Wai-po to cook dinner, she hijacked my phone and took a selfie.

She somehow managed to flip the camera around..

And took 100x burst shots of her Wai-gong.

I deleted the rest of the 99 and kept only one.

She was holding up my phone like a pro and telling my dad, "Hey Wai-gong look here! Smile!"

She also took a lot of random shots of the floor, our legs, her fingers.

And 66x burst shots of this. 😂

Dinner was served.

Her favourite ABC soup, with rice and fish.

She actually bent forward, took a deep breath of the food and said, "Wow.. It's good!"

Much to the delight of Wai-po.

I thought it was the end of our meal woes. But less than halfway through, she refused to eat again.

Pretended to call her coach, called her dad.. And still she didn't want to eat.

Until I set up her high chair, placed her cars on it and asked her if she'd like to sit in her chair.

It worked!

I started feeding her again while she played with her cars, but soon she asked to eat on her own. 😁

She finished everything. ✌

(Cropped off the empty plate coz lazy to resize. 😅)

Last night was really #babysitters night.

Ah-gong drove over to pick her up from school.

Her Wai-gong, Wai-po, Da-yi and Ah-ah all came over to entertain and be entertained by her.

All I did was to give her a shower and fold laundry, and entertain occasional manja requests.

She was having a lot of fun, totally comfortable (and loud) with the company it was lovely to watch.

I realised she is now able to call out "Wai-gong" or "Da-yi" confidently when she wants their attention. 😊

She did a Miss Congenality wave and announced, "Good night everybody!!" before going back to her room for milk and bedtime.

Aww. 😘😁

So she's in the phase of asking "what happened?" and "why?", especially when she's looking at photos or watching tv.

Tonight the channel 8 drama serial was playing on tv and she was asking me what happened in every scene.

I wasn't paying attention to it as I was washing bottles in the kitchen, so I told her I didn't know.

My dad said to her, "You come here and sit beside me, I'll tell you what happened."

I thought she wouldn't do it, but she actually sat down and listened to her Wai-gong's blow by blow account of what was happening in every scene change. 😂

Very attentively, I must add.

Her Ah-ah bought her a surprise egg and she posed so happily (and pointedly) with the dinosaur.

Ah-ah also folded her laundry, tidied up her room and ironed our clothes!


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