It's been a while since I've Dayred in the dark.

I usually zone out or fall asleep by 11pm.

But now my eyes are tired but my mind's not completely shutting down yet.

Left office at 5ish so I could spend time and have dinner with Clarissa today.

Got home around 6 and my mom wasn't here yet but Clarissa was having fun with her #superbabysitter.

Started cooking fish soup for Clarissa.

My mom got here around 630pm and we had dinner together.

I did the dishes and prepared her school stuff.

Hahaha at one point while I was washing the dishes, the little one pulled her chair and sat at the kitchen entrance talking to me.

"I sit here and talk to you ok mummy," she said. I wish I'd taken a picture.

(Turns out my sis took a picture!)

My mom left shortly after.

And then I gave the little boss a shower.

The hubs got back around 830pm.

I started Part 2 of my work day.

Had a presentation to rush.

Finally finished at 1130pm, which wasn't too bad considering I started late and took very small breaks to entertain miss manja and say goodnight to her.

I'm operating on will power.

This girl has been extremely sweet and cheeky today.

She said her hello, thank you and goodbye to Ah-gong properly, and really gushed over the waffle Ah-gong bought for her.

According to #superbabysitter she was hugging the bag of waffle throughout the car ride. πŸ˜†

She was also super sweet to Wai-po.

She turned to look at Wai-po while having her dinner, and said to her, "Mmmmmm.. it's yummy!"

After she finished her dinner, she said a loud and chirpy "Thank you Wai-po!"

My mom couldn't stop talking about how cute she is.

When my mom left, the little one ran to the door and said, "Bye bye! Bye bye! Be careful ok?"

I think my mom's heart probably melted then.

So nice to see that she is appreciative of the people who love and take care of her! 😊


Yay to iced kopi-si kosong and toast.

I realised last night that everyone will be calling in for the presentation today as the lead team is at an off-site meeting.

So I shall work from home!

Much better, because most mornings these days are such a rush. Waking up, washing up, making milk, getting grumpy toddler out of bed and into her school uniform, getting ready for school, getting ready for work.

But this morning I had a little time to let her dilly dally a little, debate about whether she's going to school or not, and also let her "become baby" for a bit before she is finally willing to get changed.

Some mornings she would ask me, "Is Clarissa going to school?" And kick up a fuss when I say yes of course. πŸ˜‚

But the minute we get to school and she sees her friends, she'd say "hey K is here!" And run in while absentmindedly waving us goodbye without really looking at us. πŸ˜’πŸ˜…

I hope it'd be an efficient day at work before I pick the little one up!

I had a two hour long conversation with my manager the other day, just covering all the work topics and issues, and also sharing some personal situations and thoughts.

I did a quick count.
In my almost 10 years with the company, I've had reported to 8 different managers (and no repeats so far).. And most of them inspire me in different ways.

They are the kind of managers I want to be, and strive to be.

My current manager is someone I really respect and look up to, not only for his mastery in the business but also in the way he takes care of his people. He handles the tough and rough stuff with grace and humour; I guess that comes not only with experience but also with character.

I have been feeling a little lacklustre because of various reasons, and some of which I know are beyond my control. I try my best to protect and develop my folks. But sometimes things are just.. difficult.

Anyway! My motto, as always, is to try, and try harder.

Focus on what I can do, instead of what I can't. πŸ’ͺ

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