Big round eyes eating toast. 🙄

She decided it was more fun eating toast with a spoon.

Yep, #patternmorethanbadminton.

It's a brand new day so I decided to take her out for breakfast since the hubs has to work today and the sis needs to run some errands and go home.

Also thought it'd be best to expend her energy so she can nap in the afternoon and I can take a breather.

I can't imagine going back to work tomorrow.

Playground time after breakfast!

She tried to poop again. 🤢

But zero yield.

And then she got distracted by a worm crawling past. 😂

Good thing I brought a random t-shirt along, because she was drenched in sweat.

She went on to sit on every car / vehicle she could see in the mall.

We started from level 4, moved to level 3, and finally this racing car on level 2.

My exit strategy because it's the nearest to the escalator out of the mall.

She didn't want to go home!

It was close to noon when we parted ways with my sis and walked home.

The plan was to buy lunch at the coffee shop before we head up.

Half walked and half carried her to the coffee shop, bought a pack of noodle soup and then a surprise egg, and headed home.

But she stopped in her tracks halfway and tried to poop again fml.

It was awkward because the weather was so hot, she was crying and there were 3 grandmas watching us and openly talking about us.

They thought she was crying because she was tired and didn't want to walk, but her mummy didn't want to carry her.

I turned and told them politely that actually she's trying to poop.

As expected, they started commenting about her position and sharing their experiences about their grandchildren while dishing out advice.


That was fun.

To make matters even more fun, Clarissa refused to move and refused to let me carry her.

So we were at a standstill for a while, hearing all kinds of advice and whatnot.

And then Clarissa came closer to lean on me and I quickly grabbed her with one hand, and carried her up and out of the area.

She screamed and said it was painful (guess I'd unintentionally pushed her butt) and protested all the way.

I let her free but she kept crying and trying to drag me back to that same spot where the grandmas sat, insisting that she wanted to poop over there.

I lured her with the surprise egg (never thought it'd be so useful) and she finally followed me home, grudgingly.

Cleaned her up (sigh only a tiny bit of poop), showered her and finally gave her lunch.

Shared the noodle soup with her and she ate almost half! But only noodles and soup. She ate a bit of the vegetables, transferred the rest to my bowl and then declared to me, "See I finished the vegetables!" 😒

She sat at the kitchen entrance drinking Ribena while watching me wash the dishes.

I gave her the phone for some screen time and my sanity so I could take a shower and fold the laundry.

She had some milk and was fast asleep. ✌

My turn to nuah and hopefully snooze a bit.

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