So it's back to regular programming today.

I washed up, painted my face, and had breakfast before the little boss woke up.

She took a glorious 3 hour nap yesterday and hence went to bed later than usual, slightly after 10pm.

Woke up slightly after 7.

I gave her milk and went to get changed.

I was supposed to get her changed but she had to poop. #storyofmylife

To her credit she was trying very hard and not crying as much. But she kept saying she wanted to "poop some more". 😂

So I asked her, how much time do you need?

She showed me three fingers and then pushed up one more.

"Four minutes," she said in all seriousness.

So we really waited until she said she was done.

And she really did!
Not massive, "so big" poop but acceptable.

I washed her up and cleaned up the stray poop on the bathroom floor. #tmi

Her bum really hurts and so I've stopped using the wipes to avoid even more abrasion.

Just water and my bare fingers.
Haha #tmiagain.

Anyway by then I'd already decided not to go to the office today because I'm supposed to have an 830am meeting and there was no way I could make it.

Better to call in from home on time than to show up late.

So I got her changed and the hubs dropped her off at school on his own.

It turned out to be quite bad. He called me and said she started crying and clinging onto him when she saw her English teacher at the entrance doing health check duty.

Kept saying she wanted to go home.


Was it because she was at home for the past 3 days?

But she was ok with drop off even after a week in Korea.

Thankfully she stopped crying after seeing her classmates.

Extra hugs for her tonight!