I couldn't resist taking a picture of my lovely morning.

She woke up, greeted me, I turned to say hi and continued to snooze.

I heard her sitting up and talking to her duck and baby. Sneaked a peek and realised she was patting them to sleep. 😂

She played on her own like this for a good 15 minutes, not demanding that I make milk for her or play with her.

Until she discovered a wet spot on her bed. She called out to me and said, "Mummy, why is my bed wet huh?"

I got up to check.

One wet spot indeed.

It was a diaper leak.
One side came off.

She saw my phone and asked to watch the YouTube.

"4 videos!" She said enthusiastically.

I let her use my phone while I got her changed and went to the kitchen to make milk for her.

After milk, we lay on the mattress together, chit chatting.

"Where is Daddy huh?" She asked me.

"Daddy is in the room," I told her. "He's still sleeping."

"Oh," she said, and I quickly asked her, "Can you go and wake Daddy up?"

"No I cannot," she said, matter-of-fact.

"Why not?" I asked again.

"Because he is still sleeping!" Came her very logical answer.

"Oh I see," I wasn't satisfied with her answer. "Just now, Mummy was also sleeping. Why did you wake me up then?"

"Because.." She paused for a bit, her eyes sparkling with mischief as she searched for an appropriate answer.
"Because I want to tickle you!" She laughed and proceeded to attack me with her tickles.


Before we left the house this morning she insisted on bringing the animal biscuits her Wai-po bought for her.

Which was a good move because she ate her biscuits while we had our breakfast.

She found a duck biscuit and started singing the five little ducks song.

In this picture she's down to two ducks.

She only ate after finishing the entire song.

Daddy entertained her while we waited for her turn at this TCM clinic that does tuina for kids.

Wanted to see if it'd help with her constipation problems.

The physician suggested bringing her here everyday for the next 7 days though, to really see an improvement.

I was actually mentally working out if I could knock off earlier everyday to do that.

But guess it'd be hard.

Tuina went ok, though she was sitting on my lap throughout.

Other kids were lying on the bed looking damn shiok. 😅

She only cried buckets when we were collecting the medicine pouch to be wrapped around her tummy, because the staff there wanted to measure if the strap fits her.

Bumped into our friends and their two boys.

They spoke highly of this clinic!

And then we went for lunch at dtf.

She had some of Daddy's fried rice and some of my noodles.

She loves the noodles!

So funny seeing her slurp up the noodles.

Need to look so mischievous or not? 😆

After lunch, Daddy and Daughter went for the $12 haircut.

I thought she might be open to it because there is a car in the shop, for kids to sit in to play / cut their hair.

But she didn't fall for it and instead kept whining, "I don't want to cut hair I don't want to cut hair!"

She ended up sitting on my lap watching YouTube while the hairstylist skilfully finished the haircut.

Wanted to do bangs like we did the last time but the hairstylist suggested to keep it slanted and short, because she has very little hair at the side.

Hmm it's true but I wonder how the previous hairstylist managed to find the hair to cut those bangs? 😂

I think she looks ok, since hair grows out anyway. But daddy thinks it's too short. Maybe there is a difference between going to the salon and getting a quick $12 cut.

We waited for a few minutes for Daddy to be done, and she announced to him triumphantly, "Daddy I cut my hair!"

(Wah don't know who was crying earlier.)

And got her reward to sit in those cars in the mall.

We were all knackered by the time we got home!