Swimming lesson resumes.

She looked so worried and clung onto Daddy while waiting to enter the pool.

Cried a little when she went into the pool without Daddy. 😢

Through the week, she's been asking me to tell her the story of "one little girl swimming" so I tried to tell the story of how she was able to swim in the pool with her coach helping her.

But she'd stop me every time to correct me, "No, Clarissa cannot do this."

I'd ask her why, and she'd say to me, "I need Daddy to swim with me."

While she was excited about swimming today, she kept telling us "I want to go swimming with Daddy".

I hope it's a case of her needing some time to get used to this.

I honestly don't mind switching her back to toddler class so she continues to enjoy swimming, versus worrying about being in the pool on her own.

It's hard to strike a balance between knowing when to push your child a little to take a new challenge, and when to let her take her time.

There is a time and place for each milestone, and I'm ok to let her take her time, if time is what she needs.

It's the same with potty training.

My mom has been telling me to potty train her already, "because she's so clever she will pick it up in no time".

Perhaps you need *a little bit of* intelligence, but not being potty trained does not make her unintelligent either.

She meant well so I said okok.
But I guess I'll let her take her time.

She understands the concept but is unwilling to execute. 😂

Her post-swim reward.

She asked for Ribena and her face lit up when she saw Daddy holding a packet of it.

She did well today!

Swam from a float board to a float tunnel, crawled through the tunnel and jumped into the pool again.

We went back to peep at her when the class was ending.

She saw her Daddy, broke into a smile and waved happily at him. And then they were like two lovebirds gesturing to each other in their own sign languages.

I asked her, "How's the Ribena?"

She turned and said to me, "It's good!" 😆

☝️ What I feel everyday.

I'm tired of feeling tired, looking tired and whining about being tired.

That's just not me.

So the little one was wide awake and super high after her swim today, and totally skipped her nap.

The hubs told me he'd play with her so I could take a nap.

I really could do with a nap so I lay down in bed. But it was impossible to nap properly with the little one coming in every few minutes to show me something. 😂

I dozed off once but woke up with a jump.

I decided to give up trying to sleep because a dull headache was forming and it was likely to get worse if I kept trying to sleep but failed.

High chance of failure haha so better don't risk it.

I went to her room with her (she said she made breakfast and wanted me to have some 😅) and the hubs was lying down on the mattress, having dozed off.

I sat there watching her play and watching the the hubs doze off and wake up several times, before getting up to order dinner.

We had dinner, I cleaned and washed up, and played and read a bit before we called it a day.

She was fast asleep before 9pm.

I think we ought to do better than this, with or without a helper.
The little boss must be wondering why her parents are lying down / slumping around when they "play" with her.

I'm aching so much and all over that I cannot even decide where to stick the plasters for muscle pain.

Ended up choosing a few random spots to stick on, since it's better than nothing.

The new helper is finally coming this week and we were discussing about sleeping arrangement.

I'm not sure we finished the discussion, but I guess the conclusion was to let her bunk in Clarissa's room.

Not sure how Clarissa would take to this, since I've been sleeping in her room with her for the past few weeks and suddenly there is a stranger.

Or maybe I should sleep on the mattress between them for the time being, until they get used to each other?

Sigh. I have 1.5 more days to think.

There is a mother's day celebration in Clarissa's school this coming Friday and I'm wondering if I should take some time off in the morning to attend.

Feels a bit strange to invite myself to celebrate myself? 😂

It's going to be a busy week at work since it's 5 days of work compressed into 4.

Then again maybe I should go because otherwise no one is going to celebrate for me? 😂😂

I haven't bought anything for myself / gone shopping for the past few months.

Spent all the money on cab fares from the office to home.

Maybe I should just find something to buy. Retail therapy.

But nothing really caught my attention these days.

I'm supposed to choose my 10th work anniversary gift but I can't decide what to get.

There's a USD300 prepaid visa card, kindle, watches, Samsung phone and tablet.. not sure if I should just go for the money and use it to fund my cab fares or choose something I'd use (kindle/phone/tablet) or be able to keep as a momento (watch).

I'm usually much more decisive than this but I can't make up my mind.

Either because I haven't really been myself these days or that subconsciously these 10 years are way more important to me than I'd assumed.

Ok the ramblings are getting long, but hey, at least they count as a string of thoughts.

It's gonna be a 2 day work week, followed by a 2 day work week.

Let's get my act together. 💪💪

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