Our new helper has finally arrived!

It's obviously too early to tell but so far, pretty positive vibes.

The little boss was very shy as expected, even though I have talked to her several times before the helper arrived.

She ran away each time the helper came near, but at close to bed time, she was showing her the strawberries on her socks and introducing her ducks.

It'd take a while before she's willing to let her touch or change her, but we shall be patient. 💪💪

We went out for breakfast this morning followed by a supermarket run to get some supplies for the helper.

Got home, and spent some time briefing the helper about everything o can think of. Including Clarissa's poop problems and tantrums.

In the span of the morning, Clarissa demonstrated both. 😂😂

Poop episode, followed by tantrums at the shower.

I guess she was tired by then.

She refused to let me wash her hair so I had to wash it anyway despite her protest.

And then she was so angry with me she refused to let me wrap her in the towel.

So she literally came out of the bathroom dripping wet.

Luckily the windows were closed and the fans were off so I let her be.

Took the opportunity to tell the helper that it is most important to remain calm and let her get over it, but ensure she doesn't catch a cold by closing the windows and turning off the fan. 😂😂

We also told the helper it'd take time for Clarissa to get used to her and not to feel discouraged.

I recalled that the previous helper took about a month before Clarissa was ok with her, and she was only six months old then.

Now that she's older and definitely has a mind of her own, it might take even longer.

We shall see.


I had an #overlyattached baby on my lap while I took a night call.

I got home at 5ish, showered her, fed her 3/4 of her dinner before it turned 7 and was time for the call.

She clung onto me for the first 10 minutes until my mum and sis managed to lure her out with a tin of sweets.

She invited herself back to the room again when she finished her dinner, and insisted on sitting on my lap.

She even listened in to the call and replied "YES!" when my VP ended a comment with "Yeah?".

I was so tired and hungry by the time the call ended, but she decided to try to poop.

But the night got better when she found a magazine and kept pestering my dad to tell her "what happened".

It's a health magazine so there are pictures of mosquitoes and a boy sick in bed. So she kept asking "what happened?" and "oh why?", or she'd make my dad repeat all over again.

She tried to show my dad her mosquito bites and my dad (probably tired 😂) tried to tell her to show it to me instead.

"No, I want to show Wai-gong," She insisted. 👍😂

Yesterday, she pooped for real while I was still on my way back, but she insisted to wait for me to come home to clean her up, even though my mum offered to help.

I got home and took her to our room to change and wash up.

She closed the door behind us, but I tried to open it because the room would otherwise stink with the lingering smell of her poop.

I tried explaining to her but she insisted on closing the door.

Wai-po cannot see, Wai-gong cannot see, Ah-ah cannot see.
So that's why I must close the door.

She explained to me. 😂

"So that's why".. 😂😂


Today turned out to be a very trying day because of all the poop episodes, the final one for today dragged past her bedtime.

It is highly distressing to watch her try to poop so I hope the new helper won't be scared off. 🙏

Dinner went very well though.

Our helper cooked!

Simple dishes of long beans with carrots, fried fish and ABC soup.

Clarissa had the ABC soup with steamed fish and rice. She wiped everything clean, on her own.

She started and finished her dinner with a very sweet "Thank you for the food!" addressed to her new Yaya.

Every now and then she'd take a bite and exclaim, "Yummy carrot! Yummy potato! Yummy fish!" 😆

Hopefully this made up for the tantrums and poop episodes.

And then there was the funny conversation we had with Clarissa.

She brought up the topic of going on a holiday while pretend-playing with her dinosaurs.

👦: Clarissa, do you want to go on a holiday with Daddy?

👶: Yes, Daddy and Mummy!

👦: No, just Daddy and Clarissa. Mummy will stay at home.

👶: (Protests) I want to go with Daddy and Mummy!

👦: But what if you have to choose to either go on holiday with Daddy or stay at home with Mummy? What would you do?

👶: (Face falls) I stay at home. (Takes a deep breath) Haaaiii.

(Yes, she actually SIGHED. 😅)

👦: You'd rather stay at home?

👶: Yes, I stay at home. (SIGHS again 😂😂) Now I'm angry with you.

👦: Why are you angry with me?

👶: Because I'm upset! I want to go with Daddy and Mummy.

👦: Okok we all go on a holiday together, ok?

👶: No I want to stay at home. I'm angry.


But the best of the day goes to..

👧: (Reads) That's not my penguin! Its..

👶: (Interrupts excitedly) Hey that's MY Daddy!

👧: This is Daddy?

👶: (Beams) Yes, looks like Daddy!


Probably the brows lah.