So we had a trying poop situation this morning which resulted in both of us arriving at work much later than usual.

For an entire hour, the little boss tried in vain to poop properly.

Which resulted in a lot of tears, sweat, frustration and scolding.

When she finally calmed down, I took her to her room to clean up + dig out the poop that was stuck, and explained to her why Daddy scolded her.

I also told her we'd bring her to see a doctor this coming Saturday.

*Back story*

Her regular PD, Doctor Tan, is one of the two resident PDs from a clinic in the northeast area.

We've been seeing her since Clarissa was a baby.

But during the last visit, when Clarissa had that crazy swollen hand, Dr Tan was not around so we saw the other PD, Dr Lim instead.

Somehow she prefers Dr Lim? Because she'd ask to see Dr Lim instead of Doctor Tan.

(Both PDs are awesome btw!)

👧: We will go and see Doctor Tan on Saturday ok?

👶: No, I don't want to see Doctor Tan. I want to see Doctor Lim.

👧: Wah you are choosing the doctor already? Oh, actually Daddy is also "Doctor" Lim you know?

👶: Yes. (In a matter of fact tone) Clarissa is also Doctor Lim.


At least that made Daddy smile again.