That's me today.

Poor girl coughed and puked last night while sleeping and had puke in her hair.

She probably threw up the milk and the phlegm so it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

She was very sleepy though and wanted to continue sleeping but we had to wash her hair.

The hubs carried her while I tried to wash her hair over at the basin.

In the meantime our helper had already changed the bedsheets and mopped the floor.

We got her changed before I lay on the mattress with her.

I could still smell whiffs of puke lingering somewhere in the room so I started picking up all the pillows and bolsters and soft toys to test smell each of them. 😂

Only to realise, there was some puke stuck in her hair.

She had already dozed off so I tried to wipe each strand of hair with a dettol wipe (eh the sensitive variant) followed by some baby leave on conditioner.

She woke up at 2am screaming for Mummy.

I jumped up and went to check on her.

She went back to sleep fairly quickly so I went back to my bed.

She woke up again at 5am and this time the hubs got up. She asked for me so I went over.

She wanted milk so the helper made some for her. I asked the helper to go back to sleep while I attended to her.

Decided to stay with her since I wanted her to go back to sleep, and she was coughing from time to time.

She dozed off eventually and I did too, in a body contortionist position.

Got up when the hubs came over to tell me that my alarm has gone off.

And my day began.

She was well enough to go to school so we sent her to school.

But she cried at drop off. At first she clung onto me but I told her she had to go in on her own.

She saw her English teacher from far and started running towards her.
While crying. 😂


We thanked her teacher, and asked her to please wash Clarissa's hair 😂😂😂 before we said goodbye and left.

Anyway the best thing that happened this morning was that there was no poop episode.

I secretly wish she'd poop in school later, but I'm gearing up for tonight.


Praying for a smooth poop.

Wow I was so tired I dozed off in the cab on the way home, while the cab was driving through the MCE tunnel.

When I woke up, I still had the phone in my hand. 😩

Poop update

I was a little sian when my sis told me Clarissa didn't poop in school. 😨😂

I got home, fed her dinner, had my dinner, bathed her.. And nothing happened.

So I went to take a shower while she waited for me outside.

"Mummy, I want to poop," I heard her little voice say to me.

"Ok, you poop. I'll take a shower first," I said to her.

So I heard her whining while I bathed, but it was kinda muffled and overpowered by the sound of running water.

As I turned off the tap, she announced to me, "Mummy, I pooped. It's big! Can you check for me?"

So I quickly wrapped myself up in a towel and opened the door.

There she was, drenched in sweat but looking triumphant. 😁

I peeked into her diaper, indeed there was the long awaited poop.
Gave her a high five and asked her to let me put on some clothes first before I clean her up.

She walked out of the room to announce to my mum and sis that she had pooped. 😆

The rest of the night was quite a breeze because she was so happy.

I could watch tv and chitchat a bit with my mom while she rode on her tricycle.

How nice.