The fat life chose us.

There is a new McDonald's drivethrough right in front of our block.

Guess who drove though it today? 😂

In other news, this one woke up at 5 plus, cried for Mummy, drank milk and went back to sleep.

I washed up, got changed and sat beside her cot waiting for her to wake up.

She woke up grumpy. 😂

Told me, "I want to go back to sleep!"

Finally got her changed by letting her do what she wanted.

Strange things like holding the probiotics bottle and turning on all the fans in the house.

But we managed to get her to school.

For the first time this week, she didn't cry at drop-off.

She even said to the VP, "I never cry!"
And then walked in with her.

The last two drop-offs, she was crying and clinging onto me.

Not sure why, but when we asked her she said it's "Because I want Daddy and Mummy".

My sis shared this in our sisters and brothers group chat.

Story of my life!

She did exactly this last night! 😂

But she usually falls asleep with the duck, after repeatedly hitting the duck's chin against her own chin.

Recently she's been asking to bring the duck to school again.

This morning she nearly went on panic mode in the car when she realised she forgot to bring the duck?!

I gave her a sweet to hold on it.

Aye, quite worried about traveling next week.