I had a super early start this morning.. at 330am.

Went to the bathroom and couldn't get back to sleep thereafter.

And just when I was about to doze off, the little one woke up crying.


I went over to her room.

She told me she wanted to go to school (?!) and also to drink milk.

So I lay down beside her watching her finish her milk and making her sleep again.

I eventually dozed off to weird dreams and a numb left side of my body because I was lying in an odd position.

I got up after 7, lowered the blinds in her room, and went off to use the bathroom.

Barely managed to lie down on my bed when I heard her shout for Mummy, Mummy.

I got up just as she was walking out of her room.

So I sat down on my bed again and she walked in, smiling.

"Mummy, do you want to drink water?" She asked.

"Ok!" I said to her.

Sure enough, she took my water bottle from the shelf and handed it to me, beaming.

"Do you want the vitamins?" She asked again, eager to serve.

Sure, I said. And she took the vitamins she usually sees me taking in the morning.

"And the fish oil too?" She asked again.

"Yes, fish oil too." I couldn't help but smile.

After I was done, she tasked herself with putting everything back properly. 😊

Since the fat life chose us, we headed downstairs to get McDees for breakfast.

She had her usual corn cup.

She transferred a few spoonfuls of corn into a small cup and said to me, "Mummy, this is for you. You eat after you finish your burger ok?"

Daddy heard her and asked, "What about me?"

I quickly offered the small cup but she said, "This is for Mummy", and proceeded to look around the table for another cup.

There was none.

She turned to Daddy and said, #likeaboss:

Daddy, you eat from my spoon.

And proceeded to feed him some corn from her spoon. 😍😘

Excellent problem solving skills.

Rushed to finish packing, showered and headed to the airport.

Had lunch together and here we are.

Miss you already.

Finally on my way to the hotel after a back breaking long flight and a long wait at the taxi stand.

The flight was ok but it is my first time taking this SQ flight to Haneda airport on a Sunday afternoon. I usually take the red eye flight but since I have an early start tomorrow, I took this one instead.

It was a 2pm flight and we touched down around 930pm Japan time.

And they served.. lunch.

At around 330pm.

I was supposed to have this beef stew with rice thing but I wasn't hungry and the food really wasn't worth the stomach space.

The only edible stuff were the cold noodles (appetizer), bun, and teh tarik ice cream.

I had a chocolate bar I bought just before the flight.. for "dinner" at 7pm.

Now i can't decide if I'm hungry or not.

Managed to finish the work I set out to do while on the flight!

Ended up watching a few episodes of SATC Season 2 back to back. 😂

Finally had Wi-Fi and saw all the updates from the hubs.

They were painting the too-too train built by Ah-ah.

She cried for Mummy once after our video call on the plane, and once after she woke up from her nap.

She ate her dinner very well.

Managed to make another video call after I got out from immigration.

She asked if I was at [our street name]. 😢

I said no, I'm at the airport, just reached Japan.

She said, "After you finish your work, you will come back?"

(Aye tearing up just typing this. I'm useless like this.)

I said yes, and counted the days for her.

And then it was time for her to sleep so we said our good nights and I headed to the taxi stand.

I usually take the airport bus and I enjoy it, but not at this hour.

Don't want to deal with the last bus stress and all the stopping and going.


Twin beds because I booked too late and they ran out out of rooms with single big beds.

Shall try not to scare myself. 😂

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