Time check: 230AM

I'm finally in bed waiting to doze off.

Spent more than 3 hours summarizing the entire day's consumer interviews for the workshop later on.

Finished a bag of chips (the special Japanese ones, where the chips are in thin strips and small packs) and a bottle of sparkling water, with 933 playing in the background.

I'm really beat but my mind is still churning new thoughts.

Can't wait for the day to start and be over.


Miss them so much. 😗😗

I didn't have time to post this earlier but it was show and tell homework submission day.

Check out her too-too train made from scratch with recycled materials, by her Ah-ah, aka #superbabysitter.
Painted by the bubs and the hubs.

Really quite #spoilmarket.
The train doors are SLIDING ones please omg.

If I were to make it, I'm sure the train would be 2-D. 😂😂

Thank you Ah-ah!