Home bound!

Got up at 510am.
Washed up.
Packed up.
Had a sandwich.
Checked out.
Took a cab to the airport.

It's 0740 and I'm having my second breakfast at the lounge. 😂

Going by SQ's logic, I'm sure they are going to serve breakfast again later, for a 0915 to 1530 flight. 😬

Just spied on the CCTV at home and found the hubs sleeping on the mattress beside the bubs' cot.


Hope she wasn't having a nightmare or anything.

It's not a long trip, especially since most of my colleagues are returning only on Friday.

But it's really been one whirlwind of a ride.

Full day research.
Summarised on the same night.
Full day workshop.
Full day inspiration hunting and working sessions.

Had back to back organic food for breakfast and lunch yesterday.

Went for skincare counselling.

(Yes, it's for work. 😂)

My skin is apparently very good overall, but not as firm and bouncy as women my age fml.

Looked like fun but I was dying inside from back pain and fading out because I was so tired.

But we managed to accomplish what we wanted and I closed things before I left.

Before this trip, the hubs said, good lah you can have a break.

This is hardly a break and I'm having all the cold symptoms since yesterday. 🤢

Still I'm glad I came, to do something I enjoy (meeting consumers), and it'd be sometime before the next business trip.

Love going home to these two.

So she didn't have a nightmare. 😂

First time wearing her formal attire!

There's some filming going on in her school today so all the kids are required to put on their formal attire.

I wrote a reminder for the hubs and our helper.
Was worried she wouldn't put it on, so I said to bring it to school if that was the case.

So she put on the uniform and little panties, but insisted on wearing pants as well.

And the pants had to be this bright pink pair. 😂

I guess it matches.. with her shoes?

So the hubs dropped her off at school and reported that she was the only one wearing pants. 😂

Anyway anyhow she looks like a big girl now in her school uniform.

(Hahaha the hubs just texted me saying the pants matches with her hair rubber band. 🤣)

Erm.. wrong city, wrong meal?

Glad to be back!

Totally felt like crashing though.

My back hurts, and I have a dull headache and sore throat.

Had just about enough time to shower and lie in bed for 10 minutes before the bubs came home.

She ran towards me happily and gave me a big hug, both hands patting the sides of my arms.

Every now and then as she talked to me, she'd suddenly come closer to hug me.

I told her I missed her and asked if she missed me.

She only smiled and said, "I love Daddy and Mummy."

Mummy duties resumed immediately.

Wiped and changed her.
And then she pooped.
Cleaned her up.
Showered her.

Played for a bit.
And then she helped me unpack the luggage!
I'd pass something to her and she'd dutifully send it to where I asked her to. 😍
If it's too much for her to handle she'd say, "Too many!" and split up the load.

Or she'd correct me if she had a different opinion as to where it should be placed.

I asked her to leave my charger on my bed, thinking it'd be easier for her.

But halfway through she turned back and said to me:

Should put on the table mah!


She's been punctuating a lot of her sentences with "mah"s and "lor"s today. 😐