A very impromptu day

Decided this morning to go for a second test drive for one of the models we test drove back in February.

COE prices have finally come down a little and we have been planning to get the new car by August/September before the next road tax bill.

We've been driving our current car for a good 6 years now!

We bought a second hand car with just 3 years of COE back then.

The little boss was very satisfied with the test drive, and said to me, "I want this car!" 😂

(In fact she was sleeping in our car with me while Daddy went for the actual test drive with Ah-ah.)

And no, this is not the model we are planning to buy.

But yes, we decided on the spot to buy a new car.

We've been looking to get a bigger car for some time now and have been eyeing a few SUV models.

This was one of the two models we shortlisted and finally decided on because it's a 7-seater.

Last batch left; last one in a more desirable color.

Though I have to say, I was slightly surprised when the hubs whipped out his credit card to pay a deposit to chope the car. 😂

Because the salesperson said we could think about it over lunch and he'd give us a full refund if we changed our minds. 😂

So off we went for lunch, at my sis#3's place.

Again very random, because we were nearby and the hubs suggested to ask if sis#3 is free to meet for lunch.

So the hubs went to dabao some food while we self invited ourselves. 😂

The little boss took no time at all to be comfortable! 😂😂

She was zooming around her San-yi's place, laughing and shouting like she was at home. 🙊🙈

And playing with the curtains.

She made her San-yi show her each of the rooms a few times, and even kinda decided which one she'd like to stay in. 😂

Haha and she took pictures with her San-yi with Daddy pretending to pose with them. He tried to jump away but still ended up in all the photos. 😂🤣

It was so nice catching up!
Though paiseh coz we were so random.

Arrange proper one next time. 👌✌

And it was nice to see the little one so comfortable and so happy.

After we left she declared to me, "I like this place!"

Which place, I asked her. Just to confirm.

"San-yi's place!" She said. 😁

We went back to the car showroom to settle the rest of the paper work, and this girl asked all of us to hop onto the car.

"Where are you driving us to?" Daddy asked her.

"I'm driving to Hello Kitty Island!" She said simply. 😂