I had an epiphany this morning, after waking up at 5am because the little boss cried for Mummy.


I decided to work from home today so I could fully concentrate on finishing the summaries and clearing the backlog of emails and work.

I'm almost fully recovered now, except for that dull headache, which I guess is due to the disrupted sleep or the lack of sleep more than the flu virus.

The hubs was prepared to drop the bubs off at school on his own but I said I'll come along because I needed my coffee fix.

I was about to dig in when I got a message from my reportee asking for help because he's double booked today.

Aye felt bad for not going to the office today, though it'd be better to fully recover first.

Rushed home to call him to get a quick download of everything so I could represent him in one of the two meetings later on.

Good that there is a call in option!

I've got company. 😂

Picked her up from school and had to continue working.

I didn't manage to finish the summary and my unread emails still stood at 80+. 🤢

All the meetings and unexpected requests took up too much time.

The little one said she'd play in the study room beside me, but she eventually made her way up onto my lap and said she'd just sit there and read her storybook on my tummy. 😂😂

Constipation is back because we didn't have the meds from last Tuesday to Saturday.

The staff at the clinic gave wrong usage instructions!

So yeah so far there have been 3 hysterical crying episodes today which yielded only a tiny bit of poop.

I feel my stress level creeping back but she has otherwise been her usual cheeky sweet self, so that puts me back into balance.

She managed to make her Ah-gong angry again today, in a funny way.

If you listen to her carefully, she actually pronounces "Ah-gong" incorrectly.

She sounds more like she's saying "Ah-dang".

Interestingly the mispronunciation only becomes more pronounced (hahaha pun, pun) when she calls "Ah-gong". She calls my dad "Wai-gong", which sounds like "Wai-don" at worst.

So Ah-gong has been calling her out about this and we have been trying to correct her.

After dropping us off at the carpark today, she said goodbye to her Ah-gong.

👶: Byebye Ah-dang!
👴: (Frowns) Hai!!
👧: It's Ah-gong!
👶: Byebye Ah-dang!
👴: (SIGHS loudly) HAI!
👶: (Smiles cheekily) Ah-dang ah-dang ah-dang!

I had to quickly whisk her out of the car. 😂

Spoke too soon about almost recovering

Headache and sore throat are back with a vengeance.

In fact my throat really hurts now, especially when I try to swallow.