I'm finally crawling my way back and getting back to work.

Working from home today, because I'm not feeling like a 100% yet.

I think I'm at 70%.

My very awesome boss told me this morning, after i said I hope to be back in office tomorrow, "No it's ok, you can continue working from home until you are ok." 😢

I feel so lucky that my company and boss allow such flexibility.

Working from home is really better given the current circumstances.

1. Sick
2. Clarissa has been waking up at 5ish am every day. She usually goes back to sleep until 7+ after drinking milk and flipping around, and sometimes I doze off
3. I have been sleeping in bits and pieces. Usually 11-2am or 3am. If I'm lucky I manage to fall asleep again until 5am. If I'm not I'd be struggling until I have to get up anyway at 5am.

If I were to go to the office, I have to be up by 615am so I have ample time to wash up, make up, have some breakfast, get Clarissa ready, get myself ready, get out of the house.

On a good day, everything happens smoothly and in this exact sequence, and I can be in office before 9am.
But this is a rare occurrence. 😂

Sometimes she's grumpy and uncooperative.
Sometimes she needs to poop.

So most of the time I feel exhausted even before we get out of the house.

So working from home helps.

Even if I don't get to sleep, I get an hour more to get things done. I also feel less stressed up and exhausted.

Besides that, I save another hour on commuting and start work earlier.

But then again, the more I work from home, the less motivated I feel to go to the office. And then I miss out on all the conversations in office that are necessary if I want to make things happen.

The other thing about working from home is that I cannot take calls after 5pm. 😂

Because I'll have a little someone who'd insist on sitting on my lap while I'm at it. 😂😂

She did that today, occasionally listening into my ear piece and saying "YES!".. and taking my pen and scribbling onto every unused page of my work diary.

It's very sweet, and I know it won't be long before she doesn't want to stick to Mummy.

Yet it can be quite overwhelming. Because I can't seem to accomplish anything.

And then she finally decided to listen to me, and got changed.

Came back to the study room and asked to sit on the big chair beside me.

Played with her duplo set on her own while I worked.

But not for long, before she asked me to look at her, smile and say cheese with a victory sign.. because she wanted to take a picture of me. 😂

She built the camera on her own!
It doubled up as a watch too. She slipped it through her wrist and informed me, "it's 4.37!"

(It wasn't. 😂)

That's why it's hard to be mad at her. 😗