Facebook reminder: 4 years ago today.

I used to be able to sleep.. until 11am!



So our helper made carbonara for dinner tonight, for the first time.

We've asked her to cook the same food for Clarissa, because it's really about time she tries more variety of food. The only difference is that sometimes we'd add steamed fish to her dinner, because she still doesn't eat most types of meat.

Apparently our helper showed her the noodles and she said she'd like to eat it for dinner.

Dinner time came and the little one announced to our helper, "I'm ready for dinner!"

She got seated, but less than 10 seconds later, she said, "The noodles is spicy!"

(No it's not spicy at all. Not even a tinge of pepper. 😂)

I persuaded her to try and she eventually took a bite of a very tiny piece of the linguine.

She chewed really cautiously and suspiciously before she looked at me and smiled sheepishly / paiseh-ly:

Erm. I think it's not very nice.

She said to me and let out a small, awkward laugh.


I think she broke her Yaya's heart.
Poor Yaya started explaining to me, "I showed her the noodles and she said she wanted to eat!"

I told her it's ok, and that Clarissa probably thought it's the Chinese meepok kind of noodles, which she likes.

I also told her that Clarissa is a Chinese baby. She only likes Chinese food and that she is quite picky with food.

Didn't want her to feel bad!

I should have informed her about how Clarissa dislikes pasta (all the baby pasta we bought previously are left untouched) when we bought the pasta and carbonara sauce.

I just wasn't expecting her to cook it tonight, since it's a weekend kinda food for us.

In the end I asked her to fry an egg for Clarissa and gave Clarissa a big bread bun to go with it.

She asked if she should cook some porridge for her but I said it's ok.

Oops. We will just have to give her more milk tonight?