We IKEA-ed.

It's the little one's first time to Ikea.
The last time we visited, she was still in my tummy while her Daddy and I bought new furniture to prepare for her arrival.

Clearly she loves the place.
Something as mundane as stepping into a kitchen makes her excited. 😂

Testing out the step ladders like they are tables and chairs.

Planning the layout of her room. 😂🤣

Waiting for Daddy to come back with lunch.

It was close to her nap time so she didn't eat much.

In fact her eyes were closing as she munched on a French fry, and said to me, "Mummy can I sleep on you?"

So Daddy offered to carry her and she was out in five seconds, maybe less.

It was a good call, because she napped like this for a good hour, as we finished up lunch, walked through the self pickup zone and paid for our items.

She woke up at the right timing though.

While I was queuing to get the 50c soft serve ice cream.

Good thing I decided to get 2. Because she took mine and whacked almost the entire cone.

Eating like a pro while waiting for Daddy's car.

She looks so cute and grown up here, is it even possible to be both. 😂😍

I finally went to the office today.

With a dull headache and itchy throat.

I felt really tired and had a splitting headache after returning home from Ikea.

I thought it was due to poor sleep the night before. Woke up to the hubs' ground-shaking snoring, and couldn't get back to sleep. Ended up sleeping on the couch until Clarissa woke up.

I slept ok on Saturday night, but woke up yesterday feeling terrible. I was coughing and I had a splitting headache.

The hubs took my blood pressure and it turned out to be quite low.
He wanted to bring me to the 24hr clinic at Thomson, but fortunately the blood pressure was ok after I had breakfast.

I spent the morning and early afternoon resting while the hubs took Clarissa out for her swimming lesson.

But the headache never really went away. 🤢

The hubs wanted me to continue working from home today, but I thought it was probably not going to help. 😂

Afterall I've been working from home the past week, and I'm still not fully recovered.

Maybe I just needed to rough it out.

Clarissa skipped her nap altogether and was so cranky after finishing her dinner.

We gave her some YouTube time but she ended up over-watching and refused to return the phone. She's usually good with returning the phone.

We took the phone away from her and she launched into a full blown tantrum with tears and snot and all.

The best part was that she cried and cried and cried non-stop as I tried to console her.. and then she fell asleep in my arms. 😂

And in her sweaty clothes and sticky hair.

She was supposed to take a shower after YouTube time.

So we wiped her down despite her protests and she woke up momentarily in a good mood to say good night to us.

Drank some milk and was fast asleep.. by 830pm.

So I managed to have an early night.

But I woke up at close to 1am, and couldn't go back to sleep because the hubs was snoring up a storm. 😂

So I packed my pillow and bolster and shawl.. and bunked in with Clarissa and the helper. I slept on the mattress beside her cot.

The aircon was on, so at least it was comfortable. (I didn't sleep there on Friday night because no aircon. 😂)

I think I managed to sleep despite the weird dreams and parts of my body taking turns to become numb.

And I survived a full day in office! 💪

Sigh but I really hope to feel and get better soon.

I received a call from home while waiting for the hubs.

Apparently the little boss wanted to wait for me to have her dinner. Took only two bites and then refused to eat.

I couldn't make out what she was saying to me, but I kept telling her to eat first and we'll be back shortly.

Finally I said to her, "Clarissa, you finish your dinner and call Mummy. I'll clap for you."

Somehow it clicked, and she said:

Thank you Mummy. Bye bye.

And hung up.