While waiting to see the doctor this evening, I decided to Google myself to check how easy it is to find my blog.

It wasn't that easy, but I stumbled upon some of my old blog posts.

☝️was back in 2007?
I wrote about chatting with sis#3 and learning about how someone had dumped someone, and we read the blog of the dumpee. 😂

I have totally forgotten who we were talking about!

So I randomly texted sis#3 to ask her. 😂

She came back with answers, but I still have no recollection of ever knowing the girl. 😂😂

But both the dumpee and dumper are happily married now, just not to each other.

Haha so random yet so nostalgic.

Sis#3 was my roommate in hostel during my final year in university. She was in her first year.

That's why we had common acquaintances and friends, and now it's all shared memories though mine is clearly fading faster. 😂

I also read some of the old entries I wrote.. some are nice and some are quite cringe worthy.

I was keeping the blog right until 2013 (only one entry that year 😂), and I wrote quite a bit about work.

Which is why.. I decided to log in and lock the account so only authorised people can read it. Authorised, meaning me, myself and I because I don't think anyone uses that platform anymore. 😂

But you'd never know who's searching and who's reading these days so better be safe.

I actually wrote a review after finishing the Reply me 1997 series.

Ah, those days of chasing Korean drama.

(And having time to write reviews and thoughts.)

A lot of feel. 😂

I kinda miss writing like this.

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