Staycay at Ritz

A 'hand-made' card for the man. 😁😄

Our view this morning.
I could get used to this.


A mushroom hair lion staring at us from her tent, because we refused to get out of our comfy bed.

She was looking down at the scenery and exclaiming, "Hey, there is no more swimming pool!"

We asked her, "Really? How can the pool disappear?"

So she looked again and reported, "Oh it's there! But only a little bit left."

We laughed when we realised why she said that.

She could see the swimming pool clearly from the other window in the living room, but the view was slightly obstructed from the bedroom. 😂

So I was randomly googling for staycation ideas, and this Ritz Kids Safari program came up.

It sounded interesting.

"Camping" / Pitching a tent without the heat and humidity. Why not? 😂

More importantly there are all these things I know she'd enjoy doing.

Collecting animal stamps, eating ice cream, sleeping in a tent..

And the adults (us) need a treat after such a tough quarter (macham financial quarter 😂) of (ex) helper drama, juggling work and life without helper, uncontrollable feelings of depression and exhaustion in general.

So this is as much a treat for myself as it is for the hubs and bubs.

It is an indulgence, but totally worth it seeing how delighted and happy they are.

Pretending to call and talk on the phone.. except it wasn't pretend play because she really called the operator. 😂

She panicked and cried for help.. and I had to apologise to the person on the other line.

Enjoying her ice cream.

It's free flow all day everyday but we only went once lah. 😅

Dinner was at the Michelin 1-star Chinese restaurant in the hotel.

We went because the hotel's customer service officer gave us $100 F&B credits for the long waiting time to check in.

We had Peking duck, fish, beancurd and noodles (plus rice for the boss), and the meal amounted to $160. So.. we paid $60.

The food's good (though hubs said wahlok was better), and the service's good too.

One of the waitresses saw that Clarissa really liked the crunchy fried mushroom bits, and actually brought out a separate saucer of it just for her.

The fish and noodles were really good too. But on a normal day (with no credits 😂) I wouldn't pay $160 for a meal here. 😂

Oh yes ☝️ the little one wrapped the napkin around her shoulders, because "I want to be pretty girl eat dinner". 😂

We went back to our room and found the tent all set up.

It even came with a night light!

And this!

Munching on her biscuit while enjoying the tent.

This is the life. 😁


Lion hair caused by static.

We watched a bit of Toy Story 2 before she called it a night.

She tried to climb up onto our bed instead to drink her milk, and we hurriedly said nonono your bed is in the tent. #assholeparents 😂

It turned out that she did want to sleep in the tent but didn't want to sleep with the lion. 😂😂

Before heading out for breakfast.

Mr Lion came along because "the lion is hungry".

The breakfast spread was awesome!

Round 1: Local delights. 😂

We asked her to say "Happy fathers' day" to both her grandpas.

As the hubs got up to get more food, she looked up at him and said to him, "Daddy, I love you! Very much!"

Totally unprompted.

We took our time to eat, because it was anyway raining outside.

She actually did very well, sitting in the chair for more than an hour, finishing her corn flakes, yoghurt and random food we gave her.

So the hubs read the papers and we talked about the familee saga.

But the little one didn't like it that Daddy was talking to me (because I was supposedly still eating and shouldn't be talking).

So Daddy resorted to telling her about the news instead (while I listened), and she nodded intently while looking very satisfied. 😂

She ran freely along the corridor and we teased her by stopping and letting her run.

She realised what we were doing, and would turn back to check on us, laughing as she did.

Managed to hit the pool after all.


The two of them swam while I read the papers.

But only for a short while because it started to drizzle again.

Went back to the room to shower, pack up.. and nuah.

And these two lovebirds have to share biscuits like this.

She'd put a piece in Daddy's mouth and bite the other end off. 😂

Famfie with the scenery. 😘

I love us.


We headed straight to her swimming lesson after checking out.

She fell asleep on our way there.

I think she enjoyed the lesson as usual, but when we came home and asked her about it, she said to us:

I'm so embarrassed! I'm so tired I cannot swim properly!


I really don't know where she learns all these words from.

We laughed and told her there is no need to be embarrassed. 😆

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