A few weeks ago, I decided to take a short break from work so I took three days off from yesterday to this Friday.

Reading my old blog entries, I was reminded of my self-embarked "love myself" campaign where I took a week off.. to do nothing. 😂

So I was inspired to do the same.

I've been sick since the last business trip, and mentally and physically tired since, perhaps, the beginning of the year.

I could use a break.

I was also toying with the idea of going for a 2D1N staycay on my own, just to fulfill my dream of 睡到自然醒.
You know, to find that long lost feeling? 😂

I asked the hubs about it and he asked me, what are you going to do there?

I said, Oh I'll read and maybe find a Korean drama to watch, and just chill and do nothing.

He told me he won't stop me if that was what I really wanted, but (always a but) can't I do these at home? While the bubs is in school? 😂

And then I got so busy with work and life that this idea became a mere procrastination.

I looked at the things I wanted to do, which included finding the surface of my dressing table fml, and thought hmm maybe there won't be enough time for me to finish everything if I were to stay out for 2D1N.

More importantly, who's going to snuggle close to me, roll all over my body, and attempt to tickle my tummy in the morning, if I were to be alone in the hotel room? 😂

So here I am.
Not at some hotel cafe having buffet breakfast, but just a nice cuppa coffee after breakfast with the hubs, who has gone off to work.

Day 1 wasn't so successful, because we spent half the day waiting at the clinic and then I came home.. and worked. Someone needs to come up with a Loser emoji please. 😂

I did manage to put the work aside to pick the little boss up though, and she was so delighted she kept asking questions and answering her own questions.

"Who's here to pick Clarissa?"
"It's Mummy!"
"Who's waiting for Clarissa at the carpark?"
"It's Daddy!""

Cutest monologue ever.

She's been on a roll lately with her wit and funny antics.

One evening, I came home from work later than usual, and found her and our helper with a muslin cloth wrapped around their necks.

Apparently, they were in China and it was cold, so they had to wear a jacket. Our helper had wanted to remove it seeing that I was back, but the little boss insisted that she left it on. 😂

So! Day 2 today. I hope I'd do better. 😁

Hahahaha not exactly a windfall but I have just submitted $1,038.65 worth of medical claims.

The last time I submitted medical claims was, *gasp for dramatic effect*, in 2014.

For the delivery of Clarissa. 😞

It was not that we didn't see a doctor for the next 3 years, or didn't want the extra cash, but I just couldn't bring myself to do the claims.

I had to send an email to the claims admin support to ask for the URL and my user name, and password. 😅

Now I remember why I've not done claims in the past 3 years.

It's just so troublesome.

Key in details, take picture, send to PC, convert to PDF, upload.

For. every. single. claim.

That's almost an hour worth of effort. 😬

Nuahing in progress!

Very nice episode!
Though I skipped most of the talking parts. 😂

Love this song especially!
The part after 3:15 when 杨宗纬's voice came in.

Good stuff.

Can't stop watching! 😂

Even my belly's dancing lol.

Look who's back! 😉

Mummy duties resumed after ~3 hours of lying in bed watching YouTube clips.

Was playing with her for a good hour before she suddenly pulled out her chair to sit at the table, pretending to type.

I need to work. You play on your own first. Twelve thirty I come and play with you ok?

She said to me in a serious tone. 😂

I realised that our roles have reversed. I asked her, "Can I sit on your lap while you work?"

"No, cannot. I need to work," she said and turned away to continue typing. Less than a minute later she looked up again and told me, "Later after dinner I need to work again."

"Oh why?" I asked her.

"I need to send an email to work," she said, in a very grown up tone.

*I fainted.*

She's developed this cheeky way of requesting to watch YouTube.

Most of the time there is no room for negotiation, because she has it all planned.

She'd say to me, "Mummy! I go change and then I eat vitamins. And then I can watch.. (Short pause for dramatic build up) YouuuTuube!"

Complete with the dramatic/excited hand movement.

☝️was a re-enactment since I asked her to say it again. 😂

How to say no to this? 😅

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