Day 182, and exactly half the year has gone by.

Indeed the days seem longer than the years.

My day started at 6am!

With a little one tossing and turning beside me and sharing my pillow.
It took me a while to realise she was awake with her eyes wide open, just waiting for me to turn to look at her.

I got up to make milk for her and asked her to try to go back to sleep.l because it was still dark.

And she did! *Strike lottery*

Finally woke up at 815. 😉

While I was getting ready to head out for my physiotherapy appointment and the hubs for a trip to the car mechanics (car broke down last night, omg so scary), this girl was also getting ready for her day, carefully applying moisturizer on her face. 😂

She knows how to massage upwards to lift up her face lol, her cheeks and even the area around her eyes. And she finishes up by gently but rapidly patting her face.

Physiotherapy was so painful but felt so good.

She's spot on with the problem areas, "I see a trigger point here," she'd say before she applies pressure on it.

My pelvic bone is misaligned, and the muscles and ligament from my bum to the sides of my thigh are worn out.
It's hard to explain. 😂

I feel a difference almost immediately after the session. I still feel a dull ache but at least I don't feel my bones creaking when I walk.

Caught up on Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo while having breakfast and waiting for the hubs to meet up with me.

I'm loving the show so far!

I don't know the two leads prior to this, but they are good, especially the lead actress!

I feel her struggles, her awkwardness and her pain!

Love the balance of young angst and light-hearted moments.

We've really fully utilized the Grab $8 promo. 😂

Took a cab home to find the drilling still going on.

Called my mom to let her know we'd be going over. 😂
Last weekend Clarissa took an epic 3 hour nap at my parents' place.

We took a while to get ready and when we got there, my dad had already turned on the air conditioner and made his room super conducive for Clarissa's nap. 😙

She slept for a good two hours, hugging her new toy from Si-yi and Gor-gor.

She likes it so much but refused to say thank you. 😳
Combination of shyness and constipation.

We started giving her the forlax on alternate days only. She was ok and continued to poop well until Wednesday.

From Thursday to today it was all the small-ish poop, and today it escalated to lots and lots of crying. 🤢

Poop woes aside, I'm feeling thankful.

Going home feels like Christmas.

There's bird's nest soup waiting for us, food stuff to bring home, new toys and new clothes for the little one.

So she's always enthusuastic about going to Wai-po's place.
(But always shy when she's there. 😂)

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