The news that's in our WhatsApp group chats, Dayre news feed, Facebook feed and even the Straits Times. 😂

Their chemistry in #dots was sizzling so this is hardly surprising.

Decided to let the little one stay at home to rest for another day.

I have a 2-day off-site meeting today and tomorrow, and a dinner tonight.

So I bought her 2 minion surprise eggs last evening, one of which I gave last night and the other I kept for this morning.

She was so delighted.

She already has 3 so far and 2 of them are the same. Coincidentally she asked me earlier in the morning if I could find a friend for the odd one out. .

I informed her that I'd be back late tonight.

As usual she asked a lot of questions so I said I had to have dinner with my colleagues.

She said to me:

Can I go with you to have dinner with colleagues? I will say hi.

I really laughed out loud at her "I will say hi".

Are you sure darling? Always so shy. 😅

I hope her minion friends keep her happy enough today.

She called me during lunch time to ask me to go home to feed her. 😂😂

Called home before dinner started and she said she can't talk to me because she's busy building an aeroplane.