Back to school today!

Later start than usual because I have a later start at work.

She was awesome this morning.
After drinking her milk, she went off to get changed without any of her usual delay tactics.

She was ready in no time.

"Mummy, I'm a good girl!" She said to me.

"Yes, you are a good girl!" I agreed.

"Can you buy a lot of eggs for me?" She asked earnestly.


She must be quite excited to go back to school.

She has a mosquito bite on her hand. I put some cream on it and she told me, "Later I show my friends."

We packed a toothbrush for her today, because the school's starting to teach them oral hygiene this week. She picked a Mickey Mouse toothbrush and insisted on holding it in her hand.

"Later I want to show my friends," she insisted. 😅😂🤣