👶: Mummy, I want to look at bags you know?

I know.

We've had a busy morning.
She was up at 6ish, and I had breakfast with her before packing her bag and going for physiotherapy.
The hubs brought her to the shopping mall where her PD's clinic is, and we met up over there.

Wanted to get some meds for stocking up.

Walked past these bags in the mall and she asked to look at them while we waited for Daddy to put some stuff away in the car.

She looked at and touched every design, lol.

But we didn't buy anything! 😅

Whisked her off to lunch.

She asked for pen and paper to write on while waiting for our food.

She did this rather cute thing of asking us, "What's your name?" and proceeded to scribble on the corners of the paper, supposedly writing our names on the corners.

She was so tired after lunch she fell asleep on our way to my parents' place (yes, drilling STILL going on).

We thought that was it, she was going to take a power nap and wake up once we carry her out of the car. And no more nap for the rest of today.

True enough, she woke up just as the hubs parked the car.

I thought that was it, no more sleep.

But she was quite grumpy so we tried our luck and gave her milk.

She finished it, and turned to her side. It took a while but she eventually fell asleep..

For an epic 3 hours. 😆

I hope she doesn't partay too much tonight.


She loves this.

My Dajie and I, when I was 3 years old.

Lol was I carrying a toy hen?!

We thought Clarissa resembles the 3-year-old me, so we tried to ask her to take a picture beside the picture (so I can directly post instead of having to do a collage 😂).

So we asked her to pose like the picture, but she preferred to do it her way. 😅

👦: Clarissa, you need to open your eyes a bit more.

👧: Clarissa, can you please look at Mummy?

👦: Clarissa, you need to open your eyes when you smile.


In the end we made her so angry she cried. 😅😂