Negotiating a deal.

Hahaha not really.

Daddy's the one settling the payment for the car while she test-drove again.

Happily turning on and off the radio and the air conditioner.

We then made our way to my Sis #3's place where they bought up a storm of yummy brunch. 😁

The little boss was excited about going to San-yi and San-yi-zhang's place but when we reminded her to say hi, she said to us, "But I'm so shy you know?" 😂

Indeed she was slightly more reserved as compared to the last time she came, but she ate up all the wanton mee San-yi bought for her and said, "Yum!".

So well behaved. 😆

Before long she was zooming around the living room and singing to herself.

We had a good chat! Hahaha about EPs we like and those we don't.

Well, mostly about those we don't. 🙈🙄

Too full of herself, nah.
Too lovey-dovey, nah.
Too showy, nah.
Too wrapped up in her own world, nah.

I usually give up reading after 1 or 2 attempts.

After asking me about "what San-yi and San-yi-zhang doing" she asked me if she could sleep in the car.

And then she dozed off immediately.

This weekend is really a winner in terms of her naps!

The hubs dropped me off at the mall because I had to collect my shoes and get some earrings, while he took the little one home.

She woke up but he managed to give her milk and make her sleep again.

50% off so I bought 2 pairs of earrings. (Although one of them wasn't on discount I think. 😂)

I was planning to simply go into Isetan to buy a random pair but realised the entire section's gone.

I've been losing my earrings because the backing keeps dropping off. 😐

I don't have the mind space to think about changing earrings everyday (I've been wearing the same pair for months) but this just puts me into action.

Anyway today's the official 10th year anniversary at my company so I'll treat this as a gift to myself. #excuses 😂🤣