I felt an onset of a flu last night so I told the hubs I'd work from home today.

A glass of Vitamin C, 1x Lozenges, a Vicks back massage by the hubs and ~6 hours of sleep later, I'm feeling ok! 😉

The little one woke up at 610am, zoomed into our room, had her milk.. and went back to sleep.
Right in the middle of the bed, in a 大 formation. 😂

So our day started pretty late because the hubs and I spent some time just staring at her sleeping face until we had no choice but to wake her up.

She was super grumpy about having to wake up, but still bribe-able.
She got changed and zoomed back into our room to claim her reward.

2 videos.

She watched less than one, because we got out of the house really quickly.

First time in 3 weeks sitting down in yakun enjoying a cuppa before heading back to work.

Much needed.

I thought there'd be some down time this week after a crazy past 2 weeks at work with the hubs out on reservist and the bubs down with cold.

But I was in a full day research + debrief yesterday and today too (calling in, thank goodness for technology), and a 1.5-day workshop tomorrow and Thursday.

Fortunately it's kinda fun and interesting work.

I guess I'm influenced by one of the senior management I used to work with.

He was from a different function, but offered to continue being my mentor even after I left the business unit.

He was the one who told me to have fun at work, even during the stressful and tough times.

"What's the point of working if you are not having fun?" He said to me.


So I say the same to my reportees.
Yes this is stressful, but it's fun right?

Sometimes they look at me like I'm nuts. 😂

But I really mean it every time.

I guess the day I leave the company would be the day I fail to find even an ounce of fun in the things I do.


Bump in!

Hahahaha awww so nostalgic.
Reminds me of the days I was so involved in my school/hostel plays.

Hehe she was at her school concert rehearsal yesterday.

I can't wait to see her perform!

She's been showing us the moves at home. Quite legit. At first I thought they would be just jumping around but she actually had different moves for different parts of the song.

I shared the photos with the hubs and his first response was, "Why are they eating on the floor?" 😂

Followed by, "The rice looks like it's too much for her?" 😂😂

I thought they all look so cute!

One of my LEP buddies posted this in our group chat.

This is for the launch of the Speak Mandarin Campaign yesterday.

Spot anything? 😂

Since about half of us ended up in communications, we talked about how it could have become a social media campaign, turning the error into an opportunity to go viral, laugh at your own mistake, play 'spot the error' with the youngsters, etc.

But nah, MOE issued a rather solemn apology on the error. 😂

Nothing wrong about it.
I guess it's a natural reaction.

I said I suspect someone's writing a report about the error and my friend added, yes should be at paragraph 43 now. 😂😂😂

Shopping loot arrived today!

Haha not super exciting stuff but still therapeutic.

She loves the shoes!

Put them on immediately!

Unfortunately we were too #kiasu and sized up on top of the next size.

Haha oops. Her current shoes are size 7C. And I bought size 9C thinking 1cm shouldn't make a difference. 😂

Have just reordered and am going to return the 9C pair.
So much effort. 😬

Had a little episode earlier with little miss drama queen.

I was on the phone in a meeting when she came back. It was a 1:1 meeting with a global person so I had to talk.

So I quickly muted the phone, said hi to her and told her I was in a meeting. I asked her to get changed first.

She did as she was asked to, and even kept the door closed for me.

But she came back into the study room again after she was done and wanted to sit on my lap.

Our helper tried to ask her to go out but either her attempt was too feeble or the little one's determination was too strong.

So I quickly muted the phone again and said ok, she can sit with me but she had to be very quiet.

Unmuted and started talking but she started playing with my ear piece.
I had to ask my colleague to excuse me and quickly offered the little boss another ear piece.

She refused and had a huge meltdown.

I got frustrated and got out of the room to ask the helper to please take her out and play with her.

The colleague on the phone kept asking, are you there are you still there?

While the little one wailed. non. stop.

Thank you very much.

I went back the study room to continue the call after the helper took her out of the room, where she continued wailing for a good 5 minutes.


So paiseh.

I tried to explain to Clarissa after the call but she got angry with me instead.

She was ok after a while, but while I was having dinner, she placed mama duck on my lap and walked away.

And then she sat on the sofa and said to me/mama duck:

Mama duck, you cannot sit on my lap. Because I'm working.