The result of working past 630pm and not being able to get a cab.

No cabs on Grab.
So I went for Comfort.

And Comfort came in the form of MAXImum comfort.

The driver said maxis are activated when there are no regular cabs unavailable.

I hope it's only slightly more expensive than usual. 😬

Ended up taking out my laptop to work on some stuff that needs to be sent out by tonight.

Machiam some workaholic big shot but might as well make use of the time (peak hour traffic jam) and space.

And then I can take my time with the little boss (my real boss) without worrying about having to work. 😉

We read a new book tonight!

(Plus all the 布布 books she has already read..)

I think it's a good series of stories, because they not only pique her curiosity (she always raises a ton of questions when we read them together) but also make her more interested in Chinese. 😊

One of her favourite songs recently.

Somehow she's very tickled by the idea of 两个小娃娃整天打电"发". 😂

The other song she really likes is 客人来.
But she will make me change the lyrics. Sometimes it's 爸爸不在家, sometimes it's 妈妈, sometimes it's Clarissa and sometimes it's Piggy. 😂
And she will make me serve milk or water instead of tea. 😂😂

Hahahaha and this is almost incoherent because she got too high after singing and dancing so many times.

It's for her concert.

Apparently she has been singing and doing the moves non-stop since she came home from school, and even made our helper do the moves and sing along with her. 😂

It's a song by TF Boys.
Gosh I don't even know them before this.

The chorus goes like this:

跟着我 左手 右手 一个慢动作
右手 左手 慢动作重播
这首歌 给你快乐
跟着我 鼻子 眼睛
装乖 耍帅 换不停风格
青春有太多 未知的猜测

She loves the part "你有没有爱上我" because we will answer "有!" LOL.