Because of my booboo this morning I get to have teh-si kosong for lunch. 😂

So this morning after dropping Clarissa off, I ran the errand of dropping the ezyreturn parcel for the oversized shoes before going to my usual hunt.

I was determined to get a nice cuppa kopi-si kosong before heading home to work.

Alas, when ordering, my brain and mouth disconnected from each other and out came the words "teh-si kosong peng".

I didn't realise it until this cup of tea was placed in front of me.

Because I also ordered toast and toast must go with kopi, I joined the queue again to order my kopi and drank it over there. 😂😂😂

I'm so glad it's Friday.

Enjoying her waffle from Xiao Gu-gu / Ah-gong.

It's really a mystery why she's so scared of her Xiao Gu-gu, who came to pick her up together with Ah-gong.

According to our helper she was looking out of the car window throughout the entire ride home.

It didn't stop her from enjoying the waffle though. 😂

She ate 3/4 of it.. and finished her dinner an hour later!

I think it's because her Auntie O was here and she couldn't wait to finish her dinner so she could play.

(Hope you like those shades hehe.. 😂)

Posting one of the pictures I took of them, because they look so BFF together. 😉

Excuse me?

Your wife / your mom is here. 😂


Hahaha I'm kidding.

I love seeing these two love birds together.

Happy Friday!