Literally too much.

The original plan was to leave office at 6 after the 2nd last meeting so I could get home in time for dinner and the 8pm call.

But I ended up leaving office at 715pm and got home just 10 minutes before 8pm.

Barely had time to change out of my work clothes, talk to Clarissa for a bit and start my computer again.

The little boss was bursting with lots of things to share with me, but she was also quite sweet about it.

👧: Sorry Clarissa, Mummy needs to take a call. I talk to you later ok?

👶: Ok.

(5 seconds later)

👶: Mummy, now is later. Can you talk to me?


👧: Ok Clarissa, how was your day today?

👶: Today I say byebye to Ah-gong!

👧: That's good!

👶: And then he let me carry him!

Lol. She probably got mixed up and meant it the other way around. 😂

👧: Wow! Was Ah-gong happy?

👶: Yes, Ah-gong happy.

👧: Clarissa happy?

👶: Yes! Clarissa is happy!


And then I had to take the call.

No dinner and no chance to grab something from the dining table.

Clarissa was standing beside me trying to get my attention and my ear piece.

I suddenly felt a little weary at the lack of proactiveness to relieve me.

I'm fine if no one offered to take some dinner for me, but at least help me entertain the little one?

So I told Clarissa, as gently as I could, to ask Yaya to play with her first.

She immediately turned and started shouting from where she was standing, "Yaya! Can you play with me first? Yaya! Can you come here?"


And finally after a few rounds of shouting she went off to play with her Yaya in her own room.

I ended up having dinner at 910pm with the hubs who was back just 30 minutes earlier.

The little boss waited for me to finish so I could tuck her in and watch her sleep.

She fell asleep almost immediately after finishing her milk.

One of those days where I can't help but feel like I'm doing a half-baked job of everything.

And it's not anyone's fault except my own.

I should have given clearer instructions instead of expecting people to intuitively and emphatically get it that when I say "I have an 8pm call", I'm not merely sharing information. I'm asking for help.